The final chapter…

If the world was ending,

Would you be there?

I’d be standing on a roof

Shooting a flare.

Would you race by my side?

To wipe away my tears,

Holding me in your arms

As we faced our final fears.

When we take our last breath,

Could you look me in the eye?

Tell me everything will be okay

Knowing our dreams would die.

Tomorrow will be ashes

Yesterday would be gone,

No more walks on the beach

Or dusk until dawns.

But in our final moments

I know that I will be okay,

As you’d be there beside me

Which no force could take away.


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23 Responses to The final chapter…

  1. Oh my this is beautiful!
    How could any man say no 😘

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  2. emotionsoflife2016 says:

    Phenomenal K. With the passing of time you are becoming better and better. I take my hat. Marvelous


  3. EDC Writing says:

    You took my breath with this one …


  4. Become More Healthy Blog says:

    Wow, that’s amazing!
    Such incredibly deep feelings for someone who is a self-professed loner.
    But that’s how we brilliant writers are!
    I have written many love poems, greeting card verses, song lyrics,
    and such, but have never experienced true love!
    Keep up the good work!


  5. I love the question of what would you do if the world was ending. Such beautiful words and they make me think. x

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  6. Simon says:

    That’s so deeply beautiful, giving your last moments away to someone. More precious that anything.


  7. How about as the last line, “Which no force could take away”? I liked it, kind of touched me and made me wish I knew you.

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  8. I love this one! Great job


  9. quotes guru says:

    This article is really a good one it helps new internet viewers, who
    are wishing in favor of blogging.


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