Black and white

I’ve witnessed the colours fade
Losing their vividness,
They retreat to the shade.
I’ve travelled far
With an engine of dreams,
Fuelling the stars.
I’ve observed cracks appear
In the eyes of others
In every blink, in every tear.
I vanquished control
Completed the puzzles
Only I could solve.
I paused, took a step back
And observed the world
Every inch, every crack.
Breathing in, breathing out
Absorbing the knowledge
Of what life is about.
I found the darkness in light
And the light in the darkness
But I now see more
Than Black and white


About TheDarkestFairytale

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27 Responses to Black and white

  1. This is very special, loved it 🙂

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  2. cwaugh212 says:

    Excellent. Nice to see you back with verse flowing once again.

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  3. EDC Writing says:

    On your feet again, colour in your cheeks, good to have your words again, take care K … E

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  4. I loved this. “But now I see more than Black and White.” An epiphany?

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Eleanor says:

    Glad you are back. Stunning poem – profound and beautiful. x

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  6. Ward Clever says:

    I loved this one! It’s the best thing you’ve written.

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  7. Captain Q says:

    I enjoyed catching up with your words! Thank you! 😃

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  9. mandibelle16 says:

    Nice one learning to see life even when it’s “cracking” The destruction allowing us to see every shade, tiny, tone, every colour for worse or better.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Maxima says:

    Your poems are the perfection of the spirit, full of love

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