Freakily sane …

I’m questioning my sanity
The unicorn in the bathroom
Isn’t giving me a sense of reality.
Pixies are flying around my head
As I’m reading bedtime stories
To the monsters under my bed.
I asked Peter to fly me to Neverland
But I fell down the rabbit hole,
And became a lost girl in wonderland.
A shapeshifter without a host
Or about as transparent
As a friendly ghost.
I put the looney in tunes
My life is like road runner,
Or a set of cat & mouse cartoons.
I’m drinking with the grim reaper
He’s the life of the party,
We’re different types of creatures.
I’ll never be a fairy and fly free
But I’ll always be this strange,
So who wants to be like me.


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10 Responses to Freakily sane …

  1. Simon says:

    Being you makes you the great person you are… Don’t knock it x

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  2. Rajiv says:

    The Grim Reaper, milady, is a good friend. Always

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  3. Jade Edge says:

    I really like the escapist imagery in this piece and I especially love the lines “I’m drinking with the grim reaper/He’s the life of the party”.

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