Creative reality

I’m more creative
When I’m dying inside,
The dark side is honest
With the tears cried.
I’ve a touch of insanity
Keeping me sane,
So I ride this rollercoaster
Filled with blood & pain.
Normal gets boring
As I’m filled with badness,
My palms start itching
So I chase the madness.
I’m slightly deranged
But no victim to hell,
I don’t suffered from crazy
I enjoy it rather well.
I’m friends with the voices
That are in my head,
They actually talk sense
When my mind goes dead.
My imagination is wild
My thoughts roam free,
I live in my own world
Just not in your reality.


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36 Responses to Creative reality

  1. beautiful..makes sense ..a lot of sense to me..

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  2. Sahar says:

    Beautiful poem ..makes a lot of sense to me…

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  3. Mentally Rebellious says:

    I’ve decided for the new year, I’m not talking to my voices anymore. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Varun says:

    Beautiful portrayal which I can somewhat relate to. haha..
    “I live in my own world
    Just not in your reality.” — loved this line. 🙂

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  5. Creative and very touching 🙂

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  6. foodforthoughtblog1 says:

    Beautiful! This is perfect and makes total sense.

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  7. ~M says:

    Love this!


  8. Macxermillio says:

    Beauty and darkness come together well.
    I feel the same, misery and pain bring God and propel me forward.

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  9. Hehe I like this little tale…

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  10. those first two lines are so damn true for me. thanks for putting it into words.

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  11. aarong3eason says:

    Really cool. I strongly related to the first half, I think Psalm 88 has become my favorite Psalm because it’s the only one of the laments (the most common genre of Psalms) that doesn’t end with hope. I think the ESV renders it as “darkness is my friend.” I really find comfort in that, and I always find “happy” people to be troubling. The second half I don’t quite get because I struggle with mental illness and the idea of insanity really bothers me because I’ve experienced it. But I think you intended something far less literal, more like what society thinks is weird…though actual insanity forces us to deal with reality more seriously than “sane” people have to. Like the movie a beautiful mind where he learns to live with his hallucinations. I guess I’ve even seen that in my life just learning to deal with codependency.

    Good stuff, deep stuff. Thank you. Makes me think of Inside Out. I love that movie so much just because you have to root for sadness! It’s great.


  12. Rajiv says:

    Milady, we all live in our own craziness!

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  13. Ruhig says:

    With a tip
    Slight twist
    You’re a poetic pleasure
    At play
    Whichever way
    The reams sway


  14. Blissful_Butterfly says:

    I like this one a lot.❤

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