Scarred world

I’m losing my faith
The universe won’t fight,
The comets scatter
Into meteorite.
The sky whispers
It’s echoing our sins,
I can feel all its anger
Like pin pricks to my skin.
Lost in deep emptiness
Waves burst into tears,
Covering this ghost town
In desperate fears.
The earth’s broken core
Is now breaking apart,
It refuses to feed
From blackened hearts.
There’s too many scars
This world can’t heal,
As we all forgot
This world could feel.


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27 Responses to Scarred world

  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    Scarred warriors.

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  2. Really beautifully written

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  3. Laura says:

    Wow, what a line. “I’m losing my faith, the universe won’t fight. The comets scatter into meteorite.” Class ❤️

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  4. I look forward to the times of refreshing which will come upon the world.


  5. neddysmith says:

    Your poem expressed a universal truth. It brings a diverse galactic thought together for deep reflection.

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  6. Doc Furious says:

    Beautiful work. I really like this!

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  7. Coyote from Orion says:

    Agree with Laura. That line was what initially got me too

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  8. Beautiful and heartbreaking ❤

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  9. shaunkellett says:

    Wow a really powerful poem! Such imagery. A really good, though dark, read. I loved it!

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  10. mandibelle16 says:

    The earth is surprisingly resilient as is Mother Nature. Even what man corrupts, she can build off of, and find new places to grow. The end is distant yet, for as long as there’s been people who always think and such and such datecthe world will end, we won’t know until it happens I think. Nicely written!

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  11. Jennifer is looking out over the valley
    the stroboscopic valley
    where the trees sleep
    in their cocoons of rime ice and hoarfrost

    each tree reflecting the maelstrom
    above the world
    the belly of the night ripped
    by that most brutal of the primal forces
    cut by electricity
    say the word
    it sizzles on your tongue

    a blind mindless lightning snake
    it strikes the earth
    rending and twisting the fires within
    pulling hellfire into the sky

    Jennifer is not afraid of lightning
    she is fascinated
    by the mad rending above the world
    each strike is a thrill
    each peal of thunder makes her heart beat faster

    she feels the heat on her bare shoulder
    she feels the weight of the stones lifted
    against gravity
    she says nothing. . .

    i would touch her
    wake her
    hold her against the darkness
    but she dose not want me to

    i can offer her nothing as intense as her dream
    can’t protect her from herself
    can’t touch her without hurting her

    startling her will shatter her dream sky
    will violate her dark reverie
    and she will not love me
    if i wake her

    she does not love me in this dream either
    but she lets me be here
    she lets me watch over her
    she allows me. . .

    perchance i am but a specter
    a chimera she patched from her other lovers
    a patch bandage over a dirty wound

    and so i must watch
    without interfering
    i must bear witness
    in the telling that will come
    i must bear the sorrow
    of her Grand Self-destruction

    but don’t ask me not to cry
    that would be the unkindest thing of all


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