The angels call me
When they feel me die,
The devil chains me
So I’m unable to fly.
I’m stuck in the grey
Between black & white,
As I don’t know which side
Feels quite right.
The voices call me
But they’re in my head,
The demons cling on
As I’m keeping them fed.
Maybe I’ll go to limbo
As my life is a contradiction,
I’ve two people inside me
Both are my crucifixion.
I change within seconds
It’s a funny switch,
I go from heart of gold
To ice cold bitch.
I’m constantly lost
Battling both inside,
I guess when I die
I’ll just sit on the divide.


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43 Responses to Divide

  1. Rajiv says:

    Brilliant piece, milady..
    I absolutely love it…

    I like your tattoo!

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  2. lovelibertylife says:

    Amazing. I have to give you credit.


  3. It’s not who we are that decides our fate but whose we are.


  4. Coyote from Orion says:

    Wonderful. Evocative.


  5. mroption says:

    Fucking love this.


  6. The grey in between black and white sooo good 😊

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  7. EDC Writing says:

    A good day … start and end with you

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  8. Let me start this tale
    By saying first
    There are dragons
    And there are dragons

    Western dragons
    are portrayed as evil and monstrous
    Many later day philosophers
    have made more than a few Ph D’s
    Describing the cultural psychoses
    that would lead an entire civilization
    To such conclusions

    Eastern dragons are portrayed
    as primal energy beings
    But are often almost comical to look at

    Then there are dragons . . .
    Long slender sleek
    They move like water
    They move like wind
    And you can not really see them
    If they do not wish it

    Now there are any number
    of dragon posers
    And you can always tell them
    By the sulphur on their breath
    And the fake wings . . .

    This is not a story about such
    This is the story of the Angel and Chyfrin

    she spoke thus
    > Even here in this cold dark pit
    > Sometimes I feel the warmth of the sun
    > And I try climbing out of here
    > My wings need sunlight to heal

    Chyfrin leans back and considers
    He looks to the sky
    Every creature follows his gaze
    Most quickly look away
    In that they hate the Light

    None expect it as his roar
    Permeates the fabric of the living rock
    And all fall back as he leaps toward the sky

    Lifting by sheer force of will
    He ascends the volcanic chute

    Most fall back
    But one of the guardian demons
    Still at a distance

    Chyfrin calls
    ‘I know you not
    Nor have a name by which to call you
    But stand aside
    or you will not like what happens next’

    The demon issues smoke
    Twin laser cut through it
    The demon
    causes the stones to fall
    Rock meets titanium scale and diamond
    Rock loses

    The demon calls out
    I am not allowed light here’

    Closer now
    The dragon says
    ‘Impede me at your peril’

    The dragon has not hesitated
    The demon vaporizes a microsecond
    Before the dragon reaches it

    Chyfrin is singing a song
    A lost song filled with lost chords
    It is part of his ascent

    The far fissure
    Whips by and he is above the earth
    Still ascending

    Then the sun strikes him in the full
    And he opens his wings to their fullest

    Now as it turns out
    The underside of a rainbow dragon’s wing
    Can be very reflective

    And holding himself above the world
    By force of will he
    Gathers the full spectrums of Light
    on the undersides of his wings
    He gathers the low thudding infrareds
    All the colors of the rainbow
    Gathers the saber toothed ultraviolets
    Gathers frequencies that can not be named
    And squeezes them into a coherent beam

    The sizzling beam shoots straight
    As only light can travel straight
    Piercing the gloom of the pit

    The light column strikes the bottom of the abyss
    Scattering the dark minion
    Save one

    The bent figure of a fallen angel

    Many are the tales of her transfiguration
    And all are hard to believe
    But none doubt the sheer wonder
    Of this tiny phoenix
    Lifting from the Depths . . .


  9. m1sbehavin says:

    I might need to re-blog this! I’m strugling to write something myself last couple of days and this is absolutely brilliant….


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  11. Ananya says:

    Very powerful words…


  12. Perfection! My favorite poem of yours. The ending line and everything in your poem calls for a decision of ‘in the end I choose no side but myself.’ Brilliant work. πŸ™‚

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  13. The Militant Negro says:

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negroβ„’.


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