Ghostly whisper

I’m not afraid to fall
Pieces of me fall all the time.
It’s pieces of insanity that remains,
So insane it beautifully aches.
I gave up looking for a happy ending,
Now I pass the time until the end.
I’m lost in-between my mind
As I don’t want to hurt again
But I want to feel again.
My heart holds the answers
& I can barely hear it anymore,
It’s been damaged so many times
All that remains is a ghostly whisper.


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28 Responses to Ghostly whisper

  1. randyjw says:

    You’re perfection that rocks!

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  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    Made me think of the hanging gardens of Babylon for some reason

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  3. eddaz says:

    All I can hear is a ghostly whisper…Silence..💝 I love this poetry. You are blessed with this gift.

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  4. Forrest Pasky says:

    Beautiful pieces today.
    Like a cerebral hug that I needed.
    Listen to that whisper with your heart.
    It will take you where you need.

    Have a nice weekend.


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  5. mihrank says:

    this is so beautiful and wonderful words…

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  6. Ah! You wrote about me!!! I’m so touched!! Ahaha
    Seriously though this is great it burrows into the soul of anyone who feels apart from the world.
    The flow is melodic and it’s a lovely piece that despite the sorrow gives hope to thr reader that there’s more people falling to pieces out there.
    Oh and love the title!!!!

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  8. emotionsoflife2016 says:


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  9. Rajiv says:

    Super, milady!


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