Cross the line

I asked the skies
To give me a sign,
The lightning struck
A silver line.
I crossed the line
To a paradise,
Filled with chaos
And shards of ice.
In all this ice
Was your name,
The skies showed me
Beauty can be found
In the chaos,
Of pain.


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22 Responses to Cross the line

  1. Adventures of a Slutty Girl says:

    Amazing, as usual!

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  2. Forrest Pasky says:

    I really like this one…cool imagery.

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  3. aldearon says:

    (I just left like responding in this form, maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right (kinda hoping I am wrong though) I do, however, hope you like it.)

    I saw you today
    talking into the wind
    looking for an answer
    trying to find
    that which shook
    that rumbled
    that touched your core

    I saw you today
    trying hard
    to hide from your solitude
    to not feel the cold
    nor bitterness
    to accept the pain
    and asking for more.


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  5. randyjw says:

    The imagery really accentuates the feelings.

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  6. paced perfectly and lyrically captivating.
    The message is brilliant, that one simple thing that can pull you form only seeing the dark, realising that light can still appear.
    Really great piece!


  7. Simon says:

    Oh wow… I loved the message I this. This is so beautiful and clever! 😊

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  8. emotionsoflife2016 says:

    Phenomenal, every time

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  9. Katrina,
    Beauty can be found – yes
    Beauty can be found In the chaos – yes
    Beauty can be found In the chaos Of pain. – yes
    Interesting perspective, as always.

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