Ends before it begins

You’ve already broken
My heart in the future,
I’ve already felt its ache
And every rupture.
We fall in love
Everything is great,
You get to know me
I become your mistake.
You can’t control
What you don’t know,
You’ll always freak
When I’m feeling low.
You’ll hate my tears
As you forget the highs,
You won’t save me
When you feel me die.
I’ll try to apologise
And change myself,
I’ll tell you I love you
More than anyone else.
It’s already over
Before it’s begun,
You won’t accept me
You’ll choose to run.


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24 Responses to Ends before it begins

  1. AJ says:

    Love the succinct capturing of universal truth –
    You get to know me
    I become your mistake.
    You can’t control
    What you don’t know,
    You’ll always freak
    When I’m feeling low.
    You’ll hate my tears
    As you forget the highs

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  2. AJ says:


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  3. Simon says:

    That’s always the risk… but surely one day there will be one that won’t?
    Happy Monday xo

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  4. thesentinel334 says:

    Pretty powerful

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  5. Tony Burgess says:

    Love is something worth doing but like magic there is a price you pay for it.

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  6. simonfalk28 says:

    Ouch! The desperation and hurt leaps off the screen. Well done. So sad that it is true for someone 😦 How I wish we could take people as they are and as we find them. All of us are more than our struggles and moments of being misunderstood. I wrestled with that in my “we are more” poems.

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  7. Utterly tragic. Extremely touching and an aching insight into your mindset.
    The weird part is I agree when thinking of myself but disagree when I apply it to you. I want to argue that there are people out there who will never run, who will love every high and low and cherish the fact they’re allowed to be part of your life. Yet if I do argue this I’m a hypocrite because the same must be true for me but I can’t won’t or refuse to see it.
    I guess in a way that’s the true tragedy of this piece. Yes its beautifully crafted in its expression of pain but is the scenario itself an invention. A guard against risks.
    I could literally talk about this for hours but I’ll stop rambling.
    Amazing piece, an evokative comment of romance!


  8. Tony Burgess says:

    Thanks for the follow my new blogging friend. Keep on blogging and have a swell day.


  9. sarahschaedler says:

    Beautiful piece ❤ Love it!

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  10. Der Krieger des Lichts ن says:

    You are a really amazing mistake! 😉 Hey, dark fairy tale. “Would you like to be my most beautiful mistake?” that’s the voice of love. Maybe you are such a wonderful mistake that your Lover will never correct the mistake. Just a thought!

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