I am very similar

To my porcelain skin,

Smooth on the surface

Yet hollow within.

If you look closely

You can trace the tracks,

Of this worn exterior

That has started to crack.

As the world ticks

And steals my tocks,

I’m swimming in a sea

With a pocket of rocks.

I’m strong & sturdy

Yet a fragile little thing,

My strength is carried

On my broken wings.

With pale white skin

and bright red lips,

I’m the doll you comfort

In your fingertips.

Just one last drop

and I will fail to exist,

As my history will scatter

Into a porcelain mist.


About TheDarkestFairytale

Hello Thank you for reading. If you would like to contact me please email thedarkest-fairytale@hotmail.com
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19 Responses to Porcelain

  1. So poignantly beautiful. 😘

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  2. Love love love love this

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  3. This is a good one.

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  4. Rajiv says:

    Milady, you under estimate yourself!

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  5. AJ says:

    Porcelain forged in hot furnaces – strong, delicate and beautiful.

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  6. Venusian Cenobite says:

    My porcelain queen i will serve you in life and death till love set us apart

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  7. TheSentinel334 says:

    A porcelain piece only becomes
    More valuable over time as it endures the passage of time and the adoration of many admirers, the cracks and lines only add to its value, making it a priceless
    Piece of beauty inside and out

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  8. i love the sing-songy juxtaposition against the topic. Well done.

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