Today I dreamed of tomorrow

Today wasn’t a date
It was a change,
As the images formed
A fresh new page.
The eyes they melt
Right into my core,
I could only dream
To feel this more.
It was a perfect day
I don’t want to end,
Paths could change
Around any bend.
Today was tomorrow
A brand new start,
With growing feelings
In the heart.


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32 Responses to Today I dreamed of tomorrow

  1. Plectrumm says:

    I love being the first to like😎

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  2. Coyote from Orion says:


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  3. A very good poem. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Kris says:

    Today and tomorrow have always fascinated me. Does tomorrow ever really arrive? When it does, it is today…so does that make it not exist?

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  5. Plectrumm says:

    “The best moment of your life is this very second…it’s, the only mont you ca be sure of.”

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  6. Awesome poem, felt so nice reading it. Great.

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  7. simonfalk28 says:

    “Today was tomorrow
    A brand new start” – great to read this!

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  8. emotionsoflife2016 says:

    You got me right at the beginning of this marvelous piece.

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