Bottomless pit

I saw the colours
The spectrum In your eyes,
And I painted them red
As red as the burning skies.
I witnessed the light
Shining through your soul,
I painted it black
As black as coal.
I felt the goodness
In your heart,
I shunned it away
As the darkest art.
I touched the pain
In your tears,
I ignored the voices
Screaming through my ears.
I carried the burden
You carried around,
I turned it into lightening
Striking the ground.
I felt you die
A thousand times,
You felt me fall
Inbetween the lines.
We observed the world
Breakout into plagues
And our souls drowned
Into an abyss of shades.


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5 Responses to Bottomless pit

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  2. It’s never easy, when you carried the emotions for someone else, because s/he is way too incapable, unable, to deal with them her/himself, and sometimes, we take it upon ourselves, that it’s, our responsibility, to help that certain someone by carrying the emtional burdens in their lives, when it really isn’t…

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  3. The emotion is beautifully expressed. Watching what’s we perceived to be our happy reality fall apart is so hard. I keep wondering if it will ever be the way I dreamed. Kudos to you.

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