Beautiful sickness

Life is our lover
The mistress in the affair,
Fucking us daily
It’s stripping us bare.
Playing mind games
We jump to its feet,
Feeding us seduction
To keep us sweet.
We bow down
To all the highs & lows,
Give and take
All the laughs & blows.
We can’t end the affair
It’s too addictive,
Because life itself
Is a beautiful sickness.

– K

via Beautiful sickness

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11 Responses to Beautiful sickness

  1. Ed Lehner says:

    And yet another. Have you thjpught of publishing these other than your blog. I think your poetry is some of the best I have read. Seriously. Keep it going.

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  2. Life can get hard sometimes, and, we’re, tried daily, by these trials of life, and yet, we’re, still breathing, aren’t we???

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  3. This was beautiful. Loved your finale.

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  4. Kris says:

    You nailed it, my girl. It is almost narcissistic, in a way.


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