I’m writing my life
On a Celestial page,
Where time doesn’t exist
It’s just an illusion of age.
There is an in-between
I fell through the gap,
I asked the abyss to help
And it led me into a trap.
There’s silence in sound here
Black and white in colour,
The spectrums merge
With dimensions to discover.
The chronicle of events
I stand here touching,
And it all makes sense
Life equates to nothing.


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12 Responses to Nothing

  1. We often needs to fall into the abyss, and work hard, to claw our ways out of it, and come back out when it’s time for us to, for our lives to come full circle.

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  2. Captain Q says:

    I always enjoy the cadence to your words.

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  3. ‘Nothing’ … your words and you are never that!

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  5. Never trust the abyss.
    Lovely write. A pleasure to read.

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