Consumerism is the virus

Consumerism is the virus

When we are young, our minds are led by society, and we become conditioned to live a certain way because of the education system. Seeing past the illusion of life helps us become our true selves. The system has misled the world into believing that we need to consume to fulfil us, either because it will make us happier or because everyone else has it “the trend.” We believe this behaviour is okay, because “everyone does it.” Instead, it created a void inside us, a false identity. This false identity led us away from our true nature. Instead of creating an advanced world, we ended up with divisions, negativity, and an illusion of what life should be.

When we overconsume and take more than we need, this not only creates an imbalance in the world, but it also creates an imbalance in ourselves. We have been programmed by marketing, sales, social media, and ads every day to consume more. Why? Because the system is reliant on us to line its pockets. When we feed that consumption, we teach our minds and bodies that when we are feeling down, we should feed it with, food, drugs, work, money, soulmates, sex, stimulants, technology, drink, Amazon packages, medications, knowledge, and many more. This creates addictions, a false sense of worth, and unhealthy habits.

We live in a society of avoidance and greed. We do it guilt-free because ignorance is bliss. This desire to consume creates a separation from nature. We end up destroying acres of land and oceans through consumption. We end up competing for more, sacrificing more, risking more, and losing more of ourselves in the process. The void within us will never be satisfied or fooled, but it can be healed.

It is nature that pays the cost, and that cost will swing back around. We have been given too much choice and access to nature’s resources without calculating the consequences. One species should not take priority over the rest. All species play an equal role in sustaining the eco-system; we were not created for a government system. Hence why so many people are waking up.

The greatest antidote is becoming aware of our own consumption and self-medicating habits, the methods the system uses to increase spending, the ads and marketing that mislead us, and the impact of our individual imbalance on the planet. Awareness of what we actually need to make it through the day as opposed to taking what we want Awareness of the methods we use to justify the need to consume.

Climate change is nothing more than human greed. We’ve taken more resources than we should and now the planet is adapting for it’s own survival.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Charles Darwin 1809 – 1882

We change the world by being the change. We can’t wait for the system to teach us to change. While the system generates revenue, there will be no change because the “economy” is the greatest fabrication ever. It is up to us to exchange selfishness for selflessness. There is an invisible energy that connects all life, so you are never truly alone. When we change, a shift begins in that energy. Every day, more people are abandoning this antiquated system and waking up to the illusion. You can be part of the solution; all you need to choose is healing. We don’t fill the void; we heal it by removing the need to feed it. Change your desire for peace. Choose life instead of death. Swap ignorance for awareness. It’s time to evolve.


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21 Responses to Consumerism is the virus

  1. You share an insight that would take a generation to sink in if we would put a stop to all advertising.
    Your insight is inspiring at the same time.

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  2. Ed Lehner says:

    Well said. I can only wish that everyone on the planet had this insight.

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  3. 1jaded1 says:

    This is so true. Wish more people could see it.

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  4. Simon says:

    Beautifully said, very relevant at this time of year too as consumerism bites hard.

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  5. We all get trapped by the materialism that surrounds us, and lost our focus, and we’d, strayed, way too far, from that path we set out from, with that heart of innocence, and we never, find our ways back, to the, right paths, of life again…

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  6. Christopher says:

    This whole entire piece is beyond special and incredible. I can’t say enough how inspiring this is.

    This part here in particular I loved, when you said,
    “We change the planet by becoming the change. We can’t expect to wait for the system to teach us to change. Whilst the system earns money, there will never be change because the ‘economy’ is the greatest delusion fabricated.”

    DAMN! What a powerful statement. SO SO POWERFUL.

    Everything here is just VERY powerful. I can’t say that enough. I appreciate you shining a light into the darkness out here. It’s good to know sometimes that I’m not alone in what I see. INCREDIBLE! Keep shining that light!

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    • Your words are much appreciated. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece. I’ll keep shining and you do too 🙂 Thank you

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      • Christopher says:

        You’re welcome! And WOW! THANK YOU as well for checking out a TON of my writings. I REALLY appreciate you checking out that much of my stuff. DAMN. Thank you for even taking that much time out of your day to read and like those pieces. It’s very much appreciated. You have a wonderful day. 🙂

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      • No problem. That’s what I do with my followers. We all support each others work as a community. Have a good week. Love and balance to you x

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