Welcome to the age of repair

Money only exists because ego and greed exist. If everyone could share, there would be no need for money and there would be balance on this planet. Each day, more and more of us are waking up to the corruption called the ‘system’. The system is controlled by the 1% of the world’s elite that know nothing but greed. They have let their greed and ignorance consume them, and now their greed and ignorance are consuming the planet through the system. It’s amazing how much the governments lie and cover up the truth for this 1%. They think the population can’t handle the truth. When in fact, they can’t admit the truth. They all screwed up, and it’s all for control, because they can’t control their own lives. Humans are an incredibly adaptable species. They just don’t want us to understand how adaptable we are. Their own egos prevent them from seeing the truth, especially if their life is comfortable and their bank accounts are full. They make society work for our food, which is frustrating. They take the land and resources that don’t belong to them, stick a price tag on it, and force society to work in order to receive scrapings back, and we are to be grateful. Grateful for what the planet naturally provides us, and humans greedily putting a price tag on it. Climate change should be renamed to human greed. How about they give us the land back so we can grow our food, build our own shelters, and live in harmony with the creatures around us, just as nature intended? Why is it when we watch the news the topics are always about one species, what about the millions of other species that we share the planet with? What happened to freedom? Not just freedom of speech, but freedom of choice. What if we chose not to worship money? What if we chose not to follow greed? What if we chose not to be part of these false hierarchies? What if we all chose balance and the love of all species equally?

Each day, more and more of us are choosing to balance and shape the planet for the better. Balance is something that greed can never take, as it’s created by the universe and an unseen unconditional love. Even without the species on this planet, balance would thrive because of the millions of species that live in the universe. Why don’t the governments share this news with us? Because they want us to believe we are alone, as they NEED us to depend on the government and this 1% to support us. They don’t want us to understand how interconnected we are. So instead, we have this egotistic system until something wakes us up. We then start looking for more.

What we are looking for is selfless. You see, we are all born with a purpose and that purpose isn’t part of this false system. Every single animal lives to serve this planet and others. The tree grows fruit not for itself but for food or to fertilise the ground. The bees pollinate the flowers and mushrooms have an unbelievable number of purposes that support this planet. What do humans live for other than themselves? We’ve been misled into believing that our needs are the priority and that we live to serve the system. The problem with ego and greed is that they lead to a void. A void that constantly needs filling until that void swallows us up. We need to learn the valuable lessons of being selfless. Nothing on this planet belongs to us, not even our bodies. When we die, our bodies go back to the planet. We ‘buy’ pets, but no animals are ours to own. We may build bonds with animals, but we must remember that no life belongs to us. It belongs to the planet.

 If you want to leave that void behind, then turn to balance for guidance. That balance is inside you and, regardless of how lost we get in life, it can bring us back to balance. Everything is interconnected, and there is so much guidance in the oneness around us. Turn to nature for help. Nature has no ego or greed. It doesn’t take more than what is required. When we take more than what is required, it creates an imbalance elsewhere. Either on the planet or in our bodies. By taking more than what’s required or ingesting what’s not needed, we create cancers and illnesses. Downgrading to what is required in life is what all humans need to do. The more aware we all become, the more the collective consciousness of this planet wakes up and the change shapes reality. The only outcome for the planet with ego and greed is destruction. Taking a selfless path and finding balance will shape a planet full of unconditional love.

Shadow work and chakra healing can help a person connect to their true path. It removes the layers of ‘self’ to reveal our true self and interconnection with all around us. It’s a truly beautiful journey. In our lives, we all once thought that we were born for more. Don’t let the programming of this system drag you down. We all will escape from this false matrix and find our way to balance. We have entered the age of repair and our true nature is coming through. No life was designed to be caged, and your turn is now. Trust the balance and allow it to lead you to your true nature.


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10 Responses to Welcome to the age of repair

  1. Ed Lehner says:

    This is well written truth. It’s all about controlling the masses, telling then they need to consume more, buy more shit they don’t need. We are truly in a death spiral if the masses don’t get their heads out of their arses and wke up. And, of course, keep breeding and populating an already over-populated planet. I wrote a five part series on food my blog about industrial agriculture and how it is contaminating the planet not to mention the poison they call food. I could go on, but this should only be a comment, not my own rant. Good work and keep gettting it out there.

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    • Thank you. I completely agree with you. Industrial agriculture is a topic that’s on my mind there may be post about that later on. Thank you for your support and glad to see others are sharing the knowledge aswell. Take care for now my friend.


  2. Ed Lehner says:

    Reblogged this on Ed's Pages and commented:
    Well worth a read. Lot’s of wisdom here.

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  3. Simon says:

    This is it, there’s has to be another way to live on this Earth, a better way. I’m working on myself to find this path… I hope you’re well 🙂

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  4. VJ says:

    Wow! This is so well written and more than anything the stark truth. Hope the humanity wakes up to this sooner than later.

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  5. We are, bringing about, our own, demise here, with our, taking too much from Mother Nature, and now,we will, suffer, the wrath, of, Mother Nature, and, these epidemics are, merely, nature’s way, of, getting rid of, what’s making her, ill, like how our immune systems respond to the infections, by, making us, feverish…


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