We live in a masterpiece
An absolute work of art,
Beauty is everywhere
Embedded In the Universes heart.
From the gravitation of the stars
And the vibration of tunes
Love is everywhere
Thanks to the Suns & Moons.
It’s a dance of frequencies
A painting with every colour,
With shines, glimmers and twinkles.
It’s a creativity like no other.
There’s a magic within
Energy is all around,
From the atoms and cells
To the dust on the ground.
Life is a blueprint of love
Every speck holds its secret
Whispering into the ethers,
Listen close, can you hear it?
The spiral of life deepens
With the sacred geometry,
An art piece without an end
An art piece of infinite quality.
The universes unique architecture
In which everything aligns
From the detail of a snowflake
To a stars design.
We live in a fairytale
A true masterpiece of art,
From the life you experience
To what you feel in your heart.
As child we observed
Through innocent eyes,
Believe in the wonder again
True love never dies.


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5 Responses to Intricate

  1. Simon says:

    I love this too, our entire existence boiled down to to the fabric and resonance of the universe around us 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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