The illusion of separation

We are dreaming because a lot of people are still sleeping. When we look at the world, it’s full of wonder and beauty. However, it’s also full of illusions, an illusion that many are still sleeping in. This illusion is called “separation.” Separation is driven by the governments and media, whether they know they are causing it or not. To wake up is to see beyond the illusion. Below are some examples of what causes separation from ourselves, the world, and our true nature.

  • Violence
  • Hatred
  • Ego
  • Discrimination
  • Duality
  • War
  • Greed
  • Pride
  • Identity
  • Roles
  • Hierarchies
  • Material world
  • Possessions

They are only a small fraction of the examples. When we are separated, we tend to overconsume in order to fill the void. We may work more, eat more, drink more, or allow ourselves to become addicted to anything that gives us the slightest bit of pleasure or belonging. If we don’t experience this fulfilment, then we end up with depression and anxiety.

Depression and anxiety are not the problems. You see, depression is a way of telling our bodies that our minds and hearts are somewhere they don’t belong. It’s separation from the world and our true calling that causes depression, because deep down, we all just want to go home. That home is already here. We just need to remove the layers of separation that prevent us from experiencing and living freely. Shadow work can help remove the layers of separation.

We see separation mostly commonly through the media and news. It’s driven by separation. You see, if we all got along perfectly, then we would work together in unity and oneness. We would no longer need the government. They are supposed to be the middle ground, creating the balancing and teaching us the understanding to be the best we can be. However, they are not preventing balance; they are driving a wedge in-between. They need us to need them for their own survival, so they create a fear and then they fight that fear, and we’re to applaud this ‘act’ of heroism with service and gratitude. They are not a good example of leadership. Even governments are separated by their own parities, or left and right views. We can all view the same picture. No one will experience the picture the same way. However, we can agree on a balanced understanding of what that picture means. This is called an alignment, and each day we are aligning with oneness and unity. Just as the sun and stars align. We are synchronising with our true purpose. The world may feel like it’s getting worse when, in fact, the illusion is falling and more people are awakening. Turning off your television and media channels helps your mind to become clear and to see past the illusion of conditioning. It allows your true self to shine through. We disconnect from the illusion to reconnect to our true purpose.

Conditioning is a strange concept. It’s strange because everything in the universe and on this planet, even ourselves, is naturally unconditioned. Conditioning is something created by man to control. An example of this is our food and land. We have vast amounts of food and land that the governments have taken from us to sell back to us. This is controlled conditioning. The conditioning sends people to work to earn money to buy food, land, houses, and freedom. Therefore, they create an illusion. The planet and universe gave us everything, even the freedom to travel. The freedom to travel has become conditioned by passports and now vaccinations. The freedom to sleep where you choose is conditioned by who owns the land. The illusion that we own possessions. We can’t take anything with us when we die except our spirits. How much time and value have you given to nurturing and understanding your own spirit? The unconditional love that comes with living is conditioned by how much money, skin colour, gender, attractiveness, etc. a person has. Is it the conditioning that humans are the priority species? How many times do we hear about other species on the news? How much effort do we put into maintaining the diversity of species? Very little, because we have been divided by our own diversity as humans. We’ve been blinded by the illusion of conditioning. The universe is infinite, as are we. We are unconditioned beings. If there is a restriction on loving yourself and others unconditionally, then you have been conditioned to think and behave a certain way. Remove the conditioning and you’ll find freedom. Remove the conditioning and there wouldn’t be any discrimination to begin with. All that would remain is unconditional love and acceptance for all.

Let’s talk about mirroring. The world we live in is a mirror dimension. We see reflections of ourselves in others. What we judge and look for in others is a reflection of what needs healing in ourselves. We don’t see the world as it is. We see it as we are. It’s just how the visible light reflects on our eyes. When we evolve consciousness, we feel more connected to ourselves and, therefore, we feel more connected to others. But how is the mirror dimension being used to create an illusion? The answer is “mirror behaviour.” Naturally, for evolution and survival, we have mirrored behaviour for our own survival and our own evolution. This is so we evolve, and in unity we take the best option and evolve together. However, something went wrong in our own evolution. This behaviour lets us down. Let’s have a look at a scenario. There is a bully picking on a child. The bully calls you over. You respond and go over. Now you have two options for your own survival and evolution. You can choose to join in with the bully because it’s the easiest option and “you don’t want any trouble,” or you can choose to stand up against the bully and give the victim strength. Which one do you think would be best for your survival? Which choice would be best for your own evolution? You see, many people become driven more by survival than evolution. Survival goes for the option that is most comfortable. Evolution requires discomfort to grow. Survival and evolution are not separate, though, and they never have been. They are one. However, they have been separated by the system we live in due to fear. The system provides for our survival in exchange for our life-time service and conformity. There is no talk about evolution. Why do you think this is? Evolving is our choice, and evolution comes from those who ask the questions. Evolution comes from those that break away. Evolution comes from those that have survived. It’s formed by discomfort, trauma, and depression. All seeds, eggs, and diamonds grow in the dark and form under pressure. But once you reach the light, you are nurtured and given everything you need to survive. The light continues to guide you, and it’s always been inside you and around you. The light never leaves. Sometimes we just have to break the shell around us in order to remember who we are.

My dream is that people will wake up from the illusion and return to oneness. Oneness is a state of being that is driven by compassion, unity, and wisdom. Oneness is unconditional. It’s inside us and we are connected to it. Oneness is not restricted to humans. Oneness is concerned with all forms of life on this planet and the balance of all. My dream is unconditional and infinite, just as we all are. Those that are sleeping are not separate from those that have been awakened. We are all together and connected. We are all one.


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5 Responses to The illusion of separation

  1. Because of how bad the reality is getting, we are, all having, it hard, adaptimg to, our separate lives, and, when the maladaptive takes physical form, that is when, we start, experiencing, the, psychological, problems.

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  2. Simon says:

    There’s some pretty profound thinking in this and it takes in so much, psychology, power mind, politics, reality… the one thing though that no government wants is it’s people to be unified though, that is a reality as is that everything we see is a mirror of ourselves. Nice one πŸ™‚

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