I have a naïve heart
filled with fairy dust,
A strange girl
Full of magical lust.
I will fly away
To foreign sands,
And find my way
To Neverland.
I can never grow old
With a heart of light,
I’ll fly over the second star
To the right.
I’ll find them pirates
And steal their treasure,
Because “to live would be
an awfully big adventure”
I don’t need pixie dust
To help me fly,
I have faith these wings
Can carry me high.
All it takes is hope
Dreams & ambition,
To create my neverland
I just need imagination.


About TheDarkestFairytale

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9 Responses to Neverland

  1. Tom says:

    This was a wonderful inspiring piece! Really uplifting message 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. O.D. says:

    And you have an exceptional imagination. I enjoy the way you write 🙂


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