Soul engineers extended

An extended version of a previous piece of poetry: Soul engineer

Today wasn’t a date

It was a change,

A man entered my life

And formed a fresh new page.

A glimpse of his eyes

Melted into my core,

I needed to know him

My body ached for more.

It was a flirty conversation

and the body language was immense,

Talking to each other’s souls

The passion was intense.

A magnet pulled us close

The anticipation was at its peak

The way his energy captured me

And how his eyes could speak.

He pulled me into his embrace

Everything was clear

As he whispered sweet nothings

Into the nerves of my ear.

“Where have you been

My heart had been torn apart by wars.

I was searching for suppression

But your gaze was my cure”.

The words made me weak

I could barely stand,

He was awfully unexpected

Better than I had planned.

My heat was on edge

As we left together,

The taxi was a new journey

From this moment to forever.

As soon as we arrived at his

The poetry began,

I couldn’t have resisted if I’d tried

And I surrendered the universes plan.

His body was fixed

Against my heart,

His hands wandered

Writing his passion

With the thoughts of art.

He was designing my dreams

and opening doors,

Our bodies synced

As we screamed for more.

He pressed his love

Upon on my lips,

and pushed his desires

Through my hips.

I breathed in his hope

and structured my fears,

We merged together

As soul engineers.


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