Paths collide

As I walked through the corridor

I was stopped by green eyes,

Gravity pulled me towards him

I could feel my senses multiply.

In a single moment

Time became frozen,

Nobody else existed

In all of the commotion.

Chemistry was in the air

The particles filled with tension,

The atmosphere transported me

To another dimension.

My stomach was filled

With a sea of butterflies.

My body was melting

From the seduction in his eyes.

Within a moment of forever

And in a second of chance,

I was embedded

In one wave of dance.

Our hearts were blushing

As the stars were aligning,

I felt at home with him

As our destinies were intertwining.


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7 Responses to Paths collide

  1. Tom says:

    Love your vivid imagery here that really captures that wonderful feeling of finding a soulmate. Beautifully expressed! ❀

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  2. There’s, that, never-before feeling of, closeness that you feel towards, that, certain, someone, and, it draws you, in…

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  3. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    Come And Enjoy This Love Poem!!

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