The darkest fairytale

Blackening hearts

You’re no Cinderella,

Walking around in stilettos

Wearing only black leather.

Getting lost in a forest

Like Little Red Riding Hood,

You can wear her innocence

But baby, you’ll never be good.

You are the beauty

You are the beast,

Eating the poison apples

Like It’s a feast.

Taking over castles

They made you queen,

Turning you into

An ice machine.

Fairy tales too brutal

To be written,

No prince or princess

Just a bitch that didn’t listen.

This isn’t a story

About love & laughter,

It’s the darkest fairytale

With no happy ever after.


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6 Responses to The darkest fairytale

  1. utahan15 says:

    how could such travesty be?
    no one there
    did even ask nor care
    from fucking it up so bad
    yet again

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  2. Fairytales, aren’t at all, about, happily ever after, it’s about the trials the characters get put through, and, if they’re, all able, to, overcome these, challenges they face. As for those who think that fairlytales are, all about, happily ever afters, well, they’re just, way too, naive or, stupid.

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