The grey

So many beliefs
In heaven & hell,
Opposites planes
Worlds parallel.
Like a triangle
All sides connect,
People worship
None are perfect.
Heaven is accepting
Hell breaks all,
Even the angels
After they fall.
To burn forever
Or to live a lie,
I’m good & bad
I’ll be more lost
When I die.
I never believed
In black & white.
So when I die
I’ll be in the grey
Lost In the sky.


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2 Responses to The grey

  1. utahan15 says:

    free will
    children of the Son
    the only one to come again
    in the Father s time
    one in three
    three in one
    an enigmatic Triune mystery
    like love
    oh oh
    oh no
    pope son st tom s screaming again
    i ll have to go hug him he hates that!~

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