Christmas comforts

There is something special

In the winter atmosphere,

It releases a magical energy

In the frost bite every year.

From the crackles of a fire

And the snuggles under a blanket,

With the scent of apple cinnamons

Coming from the family banquet.

Lights twinkle from the Christmas trees

Filling eyes full of wonder,

With rooms of celebrations

And ridiculous festive jumpers.

The sky covers the horizon

In a blanket of shimmering snow,

As children make their snowmen

With cold cheeks that glow.

Christmas is a magical time

That is nice and cosy,

The one time of the year

That feels so homely.

The comfort of family

And the giving and receiving,

It is the one time of year

Where the magic comes from believing.



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5 Responses to Christmas comforts

  1. The heart of the child that still believed in the imaginary, that, is what makes, the winter seasons, magical.


  2. Simon says:

    I wish this was how I felt about it still 🙂

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  3. utahan15 says:

    ark of candace
    candance night
    and winter tales

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