Cosmic lullaby

As I dream
The moon dances
In a cosmic ring. 
Amplifying the melodies
Of the frequencies that sing. 
The rings of Saturn shimmer 
Under the Sun’s radar,
Transmitting spectrums of colour
Through the twinkling of stars.
The comets pass in admiration 
Observing the galaxies form,
From particles to atoms 
In an explosive electrical storm. 
The specks of stardust scatter 
Into gravitational streams,
Giving birth to new worlds
And creating magical dreams.
Lullabies vibrate
From the Universes song,
When I look up to the sky
I look up to where I belong.
At night when I sleep
I write my memoirs,
As I drift into space
I’m safely tucked into the stars.
My energy is cleansed
In the dimensional planes,
I’ll awaken from the nothingness
Born from the silence & stillness again.



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