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Dear Mother Earth

Dear Mother Earth, I write to you with the utmost care and thank you for the beauty that you share. From the rustling leaves and the tweeting birds, to the blooming flowers and peaceful herds. I’m left amazed by the … Continue reading

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The black box- Short story

It was early January, and the celebrations of Christmas were now a thing of the past. My boyfriend Peter was taking down the Christmas lights, and the January blues were beginning to kick in. I guess the Christmas dopamine was … Continue reading

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Into the unknown- Short story

The outside world was unknown to her, but she could see a glimpse of it through the window in his room. You see, Midnight was an indoor Bengal cat. She spent her days getting strokes, treats, and chasing after her … Continue reading

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Midnight flight- Short Story

It was the midnight flight, and all the passengers were tired and grumpy from delay after delay. Jess had been in New York on business and now had a 7-hour flight to London; luckily, she snagged a window seat. She … Continue reading

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