Into the unknown- Short story

The outside world was unknown to her, but she could see a glimpse of it through the window in his room. You see, Midnight was an indoor Bengal cat. She spent her days getting strokes, treats, and chasing after her favourite toys. She lived in a bungalow with her owner Simon, who spoiled her rotten, and she had him wrapped around her brown silky paws.

Simon’s bedroom window was Midnight’s favorite; it was a bay window with a white frame and a perfectly large window sill for Midnight to sunbathe in. Midnight spent most of her days there, enjoying the sun’s rays and longing for her paws to touch the shiny green grass outside. Oh, how she wished she could feel the grass; how she licked her lips whenever she saw birds; how she fantasised about chasing the flies and bees that would taunt her all day.

Midnight was having her usual afternoon nap when a loud bang woke her up. The back door had swung over and crashed into the wall, leaving a dent. She approached cautiously, sniffing around. She looked up and saw Simon sleeping on the sofa. She didn’t try to wake him because her curiosity was growing. Midnight walked slowly towards the door; her head was down, her tail was up, and her back was slightly arched.

Midnight reached the door, and the fresh air washed over her body, causing a shiver. The sun was out, and the smell of the neighbour’s freshly cut grass was in the air. She stepped out one paw at a time, taking in the surroundings, sensing, smelling, and feeling the ground beneath her paws.

The garden was small, it contained a square patch of grass surrounded by lavender, roses, and pansies and bordered by a high brick wall. It contained a wheelbarrow full of overgrown marigolds in the corner. Midnight paused, taking in all the colours and fragrances. It was a new experience for her senses, and she was unsure of it all. Midnight heard the neighbour’s door open, and she shot back inside and waited for this danger to disappear.

A few moments later, her courage had returned, and she made her way outside again. Crouching down and staying low, she scurried towards the grass, her paws digging into the soil below. She smelled the soil, and the smell of the earth was like catnip to her. She began rolling on the grass, covering herself in the scent of the earth, purring, and loving life. In that moment, it was her and Earth building a connection and learning about each other. As Midnight was experiencing Earth, Earth was experiencing Midnight.

Midnight sensed something and jumped to her feet. Simon was standing at the door, watching her. She went running to him, rubbing up against him and meowing, telling him all about her time. He crouched down and stroked her.

“Does this mean we need to get you a collar?” he said, shaking his head and stroking around her neck.

Midnight was not listening; she was too busy rolling on the floor in the ecstasy of new beginnings. Midnight had spent her life indoors, looking through the glass panes, dreaming and wondering what was out there, and today was a glimpse. For the first time, life opened to her, and her senses experienced the world for the first time. No more could she be contained within the walls, when she had been accepted by Earth, her heart and eyes were open, and the wild in her had broken free.

Simon and Midnight went back inside. She collapsed on Simon’s knee, and cuddled up in a ball, enjoying the strokes, exhausted from today’s event. She purred herself into a deep sleep, connected to Earth more than ever, and tomorrow would be a new adventure into the unknown. Midnight’s life would never be the same again.



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5 Responses to Into the unknown- Short story

  1. i love cats and I love this story too 🙂

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  3. henhouselady says:

    This is a wonderful story. I love the idea of the cat finding freedom.

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