Dear Mother Earth

Dear Mother Earth,

I write to you with the utmost care

and thank you for the beauty that you share.

From the rustling leaves and the tweeting birds,

to the blooming flowers and peaceful herds.

I’m left amazed by the rivers that ebb and flow

And the creatures that come and go.

Your wonders leave me in awe

and remind me of my natural core.

My words are to express my gratitude and wonder

As my eyes sparkle at your lightning and thunder,

Oh, the secrets you keep!

Surrounded by the vastness of an ocean so deep.

May I honour your creation with love and grace,

As I tread on this earth at a humble pace.

Teach me to coexist with all beings, with care

And cherish the gifts you so graciously share.

Each day, I am planting seeds

And reducing my waste to clean the seas,

I’m no longer blind, my eyes have opened

I hear your heart and the words you’ve spoken.

I’ve embraced a sustainable way of life,

To bring back the balance that was once so rife.

There is a small glimmer of hope in my light,

As I continue to evolve with all my might.

With love and peace,



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  1. Simon says:

    Love it 🙂

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