The sands of time – Short story

There was once a world hidden, beneath the shimmering surface of the ocean, where the sun’s rays caressed the turquoise waves and life was abundant. A place where a remarkable tale of magic and adventure unfolded.

Deep within the vast blue expanse, there existed a mystical and powerful realm known as Atlantis. Atlantis was a place of extraordinary beauty, inhabited by wondrous creatures of the sea. Mermaids with long glittery hair and iridescent scales swam gracefully through the crystal-clear waters, their enchanting colours captivated all who witnessed them. Among these was a young mermaid called Marina. Blessed with divine creativity and ethereal beauty, she was in line to be titled Queen of the Coral Reefs.

Marina lived in a magnificent coral palace adorned with seashells of every shape and colour. She spent her days exploring the hidden treasures of the ocean, her favourite being a delicate scallop shell that she had discovered on a distant shore. Shells were like the books of the ocean, holding unique stories and secrets captured by the sands of time. She used the shells to create jewellery, statues, and coral reefs. Her creativity spread along the ocean floor, and with that, the coral reefs formed.

One fateful day, as Marina swam through a vibrant coral garden, admiring her work and greeting all her colourful fish friends, she stumbled upon a wounded siren named Sephora. Sephora’s black tail was entangled in a thick net, and she was struggling to free herself. Marina rushed to her aid. She grabbed a shell and sharpened it on the coral reef to cut the net and set Sephora free.

Sirens and mermaids did not interact much and were always wary of one another. Sirens were dark in hue, with flowing dark hair and tails that resembled a fusion of a fish and a serpent. Their eyes were big and round and as black as the abyss. They spent most of their days in the deepest part of the ocean until it was time to feed. Sirens hunted on the surface, seducing the souls of sailors to their demise. The sirens power came in the form of mesmerising music, which had the power to lure anything into their grasps, and the mermaids had the power to bewitch all that caught sight of them; their colours and captivating beauty were beyond enchanting.

Grateful for Marina’s kindness, Sephora held her grey webbed hands out to Marina in order to thank her. Marina was taken back; it was a big gesture from a siren. Marina took a moment; she nervously swallowed and hesitantly held her hands out to embrace Sephora’s touch. A feeling of warmth and relaxation washed over them. They were connected and could finally understand each other. They stayed in this moment for a while, just experiencing one another. Sirens used frequencies, vibrations, and sensations to communicate, and Marina could feel Sephora and understand her without the use of words. Merfolk communicated through light and colour; they transmitted images to one another, which enabled Marina to show Sephora what the world of colour and light looked like through a mermaid’s eyes. From that moment on, they were bonded and would be inseparable.

News of their unique friendship spread through the waves; all the shells were talking about it, and before long, every creature knew. None of the merfolk could prevent the friendship; after all, Marina was soon to be queen. The Queens and Kings of sirens and merfolk got together to discuss the safety of Marina and Sephora while they were in each other’s territories. As soon as they embraced each other, it was clear that merfolk and sirens were intricately designed to work symbiotically. Once the merfolk looked into the siren’s eyes, all they saw was beauty, and when the sirens tuned into the merfolk, they discovered an orchestra of music and untapped potential. The mermaids and sirens rediscovered their shared history and the miracle of their intertwined existence.

Marina and Sephora’s tales became a legendary saga, from their meeting to their adventures, which were passed down from generation to generation. The tale of the siren and the mermaid, who selflessly stepped out of their comfort zones to create a bond like no other and showed the unwavering strength of the heart. The tales united many creatures and taught that real power comes from communication, acceptance, and understanding, and that magic is created from unconditional love.



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  1. And, because of the future mermaid queen’s gestures of kindness toward the siren, the two separate, “species”, hopefully, will, stop viewing each other as, adversaries…and, the two species will, start interact more, amicably, seeing beyond their, differences.

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