I scour upon the beautiful blue sky
My wings are spread here I fly,
The sun is out, I feel the wind
I am the predator, I have you pinned.

The horizon is bleak, the dark is near
I hunt my prey in which they fear.
A kind soul born to be free
So lonely at heart when the creatures flee.

I see the world from up above
The Humans living & looking for love.
That magical feeling that will make them fly
We’re not so different, just passing time by.

Whoever you are we all have a heartbeat
Memories and dreams we need to repeat,
Sometimes people just need to see
The spiral of life that they can not flee.

Don’t let your darkness hide the light
We all have shadows we need to fight,
Just relax and close your eyes
And channel the wisdom in the skies.

K 🙂

About TheDarkestFairytale

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2 Responses to Skyline

  1. LeProsey says:

    “We all have shadows we need to fight” – great line.

    Liked by 1 person

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