Grandma Oak- Short story

Isabel hummed as she danced through the meadow, The wind blew through her long brown hair and graced her pale skin. The wildflowers were fully grown and they illuminated the meadow with an ocean of scents and a palette of colours and textures. Isabel came here every evening just before sunset to be with nature. Wearing a white and pink long daisy dress and dirty bare feet, she made her way to her favourite place. To Grandma Oak tree, who was grounded at the end of the meadow just at the entrance of the woodland.

Grandma was an ancient angel oak tree. It was estimated that Grandma Oak was around 800 years old, and Grandma wasn’t just a tree. She was a spirit of life and a mystical wonder to Isabel, who spent many days there connecting and sharing all her woes.

Grandma’s branches were extremely large, almost 200 feet long. The draping limbs and wide spreading canopy created a perfect place for Isabel to rest. She’d lie on one of Grandma’s gnarled branches with her bare feet buried in the soil and leaves beneath and an arm behind her head, gazing up at the array of twisted branches. Isabel would share her curiosity about life with the tree’s wisdom. She was always full of questions and concerns about life.

“Grandma, are we all connected?” If so, why can’t I hear you? “Can you hear me?” Isabel asked.

She inhaled a deep breath, and a warmth appeared in the middle of her chest. The warmth was comforting, and a tear fell down her cheek. Isabel no longer felt alone. Her awareness of her surroundings was amplified, and she felt at one with everything. Isabel looked back at the meadow. She saw the butterflies pollinating and a family of squirrels entering the woodland. She noticed the unique shapes of the trees leaves and mushrooms surrounding the stump. Colours were more vivid, and although Isabel had seen colours before, this felt like she was truly experiencing what colour was. At that moment, Isabel didn’t feel alone. She couldn’t hear Grandma Oak, but she could feel her. Isabel felt surrounded by a sea of love and connections. For the first time, she wasn’t just experiencing creation; she was witnessing creation and the miracles that surrounded her. Her eyes and heart were open, and the warmth in Isabel’s chest spread through her body, and Isabel felt at peace.

Isabel realised she had spent many days questioning and not enough time just being present. She closed her eyes and just listened to the melodies of life that surrounded her. She heard the rhythm of the birds’ chirping and felt the vibrations of the bees buzzing. She noticed the way the wind moved through the trees and how it interacted with the leaves and flowers without any resistance. Isabel’s definition of harmony was to live without resistance.

Isabel jumped to her feet with such excitement, and said to Grandma Oak, “Earth is an orchestra of instruments, and I’m a musical note contributing to the song of life.”

With a smile beaming from ear to ear, Isabel danced around Grandma Oak. She synchronised her movements with the flow of the wind. With her arms spread, Isabel learned what it felt like to fly. To be at one with the flow of life. She let the wind carry her and lead the dance.

A wave of happiness spread across the meadow and woodland, and Isabel swore she heard the flowers giggle. The meadow brought out the innocence in Isabel, because her innocence was always tied to her curiosity about life and learning it all through the teachings of Mother Earth.

A warmth of love shivered through Isabel’s core. It was a shiver of unconditional love, a sacred love, a final spur of wisdom from Grandma Oak. A lesson in how connected we all are. We share the same secrets and the same beautiful moments. The nurturing energy of the beaming sun and the protection of the mysterious moon. We live in a moment, witnessing creation through a window of time. Isabel had returned to the true nature of life. Any tension and resistance felt inside Isabel was gone. She witnessed how simple and peaceful life is.

Isabel thanked Grandma Oak for her time and wisdom with a hug and kiss.

She whispered to Grandma Oak, “The sun is setting and I need to get back before the sky goes dark.” I’ll be back tomorrow and I’ll read you some of my poetry. “

Isabel left, but on her way back to her cabin, she observed her surroundings from a new perspective. She was finally witnessing the blessing of life. She could smell all the unique scents that surrounded her. She witnessed the geometry of nature with all its unique shapes and sizes. She could feel the warmth in the wind and the dampness building in the atmosphere. At that moment, she knew rain was coming. Her senses were always connected, except she was never connected to herself.

Isabel became aware of her own life. She has her own shape, and she too has a scent, a frequency of sound, and a palette of colours. With trillions of cells, communicating and working to support her life, atoms, nerves, and blood pumping through her veins. For the first time, she felt like a miracle. She never knew the feeling or emotion of experiencing herself as a miracle, and she burst out in tears with no words that could have described the moment.

Isabel always spoke about travelling to experience life. That day, she finally learned a powerful lesson: life is always present and to be experienced. She just needed to tune in, and when she did, Isabel found that life was also experiencing her. She didn’t need to travel; she just needed to let in the environment by opening her heart to it. She went home with a new outlook on life and an appreciation for the finest and most intricate details found in nature. With thanks to the wisdom held by Grandma Oak and the unconditional love of Mother Earth.


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The Ghost of Alice – Short story

Another short story recycled from the Abyss of Alice for a new writing competition ‘the campfire ghost story‘. The criteria is that the story must start with the first line given “The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window.” Let me know what you think.

The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window. This was a repetitive dream for Alice, and to her amazement, there, beyond the local church and the past gargoyles, over the meadow, she found the cabin tucked away in the woods. The cabin belonged to an old campsite that had been put up for sale, and she just knew it was meant to be. The cabin spoke to her with such mystery and charm, in a hypnotic lure. Alice could feel its character seeping through the timbers, and she fell in love with the energy released from the dark, rustic oak. Alice and her partner, James, purchased the cabin and spent a little over a year renovating and repurposing the furniture left behind, turning this abandoned cabin into a real dream. It was a new beginning for the couple, but the cabin would also deliver an ending.

It was a snowy Friday night, and the clock had just struck midnight. Alice sat on the balcony ledge, surrounded by candles, admiring the moonlit landscape of the undisturbed, crispy snow. The snow supressed all the sound and, for a moment, there was nothing but silence and the visibility of Alice’s breath. She had so much temptation to run through the snow and leave a trail of snow angels. However, she was too captivated by the ocean of stars above. The moment was truly mesmerising, just like a scene from a movie. A moment that Alice did not want to end. A moment that would last for eternity. The temperature of the air had reached freezing point and the cold shivered down into her core. She decided to take a selfie for her many Instagram followers, attempting to capture as much of the background as her lens could hold. She was foolish, Alice leant too far and lost her balance. “Shit,” She shouted as she tried to catch the ledge. Her catch was unsuccessful and she fell from the balcony.

The fall felt like she had been falling over and over again for an eternity. There was no adrenaline, just a deadly silence echoing in her state of shock. Her limbs were frozen. She could not scream or blink. The more Alice fell, the colder and darker her surroundings became. She felt like she was dissolving into nothingness over and over again. There was an anticipation of impact, which took forever to reach. However, the impact of the hard ground did not arrive as expected. Instead, Alice was greeted with the whiplash of water that would be scarred into my memories for lifetimes. She had crashed into an abyss. The water engulfed Alice, and she was pulled under. She tried to swim up as fast as her arms could move, but her clothes were too heavy. She was drowning faster than rising. The water was ice cold and the current was strong. She could not see how far under the surface she had sunk. Alice tried hardest to reach the surface, she tossed her arms and flapped her legs. As soon as her face felt the brisk air, she breathed in all the oxygen her lungs could hold and exhaled in a sharp gasp at her surroundings.

There was nothing in her sight. No sky, no horizon, no snow, and no walls. Just pitch-black darkness. She kept seeing things around her move, and she began looking for something, anything to hold onto, but there was no hope. There was no light except a small spotlight of moonlight which glistened over her and the surrounding water, except when Alice looked up, there was no moon. Was she hallucinating? Alice became nauseated; the current was just spinning her in circles. Confusion and disorientation were kicking in fast. “‘Help, help,’” she screamed. Her voice echoed and echoed into the distance. The space surrounding her was utterly silent. The type of silence that deafens you with the sound of your rapid heart thudding. She didn’t know what to do. Her situation was surreal and overwhelming. Her heart was racing, anxiety took over her and a lifetime of tears poured from Alice. She felt like she was dying over and over again.

Each tear drop turned into a river, flooding the water further. Alice tried to stop crying, but she couldn’t. The tears just kept pouring out of her. She was floating in an ocean of her own tears. Her cry bounced from silence to silence, echoing into screams of pain. Her tear drops became so cold that they began to freeze the water surrounding her. Waves were frozen within a ripple of time. She could feel the burning ice seeping into the cracks of her skin. Alice was becoming one with the abyss. She had given into a lifetime of heartache, fear, and escape. She was running out of fight. The dark ocean’s lure was consuming her. Her hands began to ice over. The blood pumping through her veins was slowing. Alice had grown cold, and now the cracks were exposing her.

Alice woke in terror. She was in her bed, back at the cabin. Her memories were fuzzy and confusion engulfed her. She jolted to her feet without hesitation and looked around. The cabin appeared different. The bed was dressed in sheets that were left behind when she moved in. Alice had thrown them out when she was renovating. She reached down and stroked the bed. Grief and loss washed over her. Tears streamed from her eyes. The sheets were covered in layers of dust and the reality was hitting hard. The rooms was filled with remains of the same abandoned furniture she had repurposed during renovations. She walked over to old mirror in the corner, She had no reflection. She was merely a shadow, yet when Alice looked down, she could see her slim frame and the ends of her long blonde hair. Panicked erupted. She ran around the cabin, frantically screaming for James. There was no one. Alice crumpled on the floor and let out a deafening scream. A scream that echoed and echoed into the void. There were no lights in the cabin, only a candle that burned in the window.

The candle flickered and Alice thought she heard someone call her name. “Alice, Alice”. Then it happened again, “Alice, Alice,” but this time it was louder. “She did hear someone shout.” She ran to the window, but no one was there. She grabbed candle and flame went out. There was no more cold or darkness, just peace. An overwhelming warmth rushed through Alice’s core. A light flashed through her gaze, and familiar voices were talking around her. Alice could hear her partner, James. He was on the phone to someone explaining how he had found Alice in the pool beneath the cabin’s balcony. He was sobbing uncontrollably. He went on to say that Alice was 3 days into a coma with a serious head injury and a broken leg. James heard the thuds and splashes and came running to Alice’s aid. The paramedics had to resuscitate Alice twice before arriving at the hospital. The doctors reassured James that everything would be okay.

For Alice, though, she would not be okay. The incident felt like an eternity; an eternity that was embedded into her memory; an eternity that would later cost her sanity. The fall didn’t kill Alice, but part of her died. When she did awaken from the coma, she was merely a ghost of the woman she used to be. She became an echo of deafening silence, walking amongst the living, part of her remains lingering in the void. Her shadow still stares out of the cabin window, holding on tightly to the candle that continues to burn.


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Perfect imperfection

I’m not perfect
Just perfectly flawed,
With broken edges
That are curved & broad.
I’ve been ripped apart
Only to be stitched,
Sewn with resilience
And a little added bitch.
I’m a cocktail of disaster
A messed up recipe,
With a teaspoon of spice
And a dash of profanity.
I’m a hurricane
So beautiful to view,
Just not a storm
To get sucked into.
With a life forged
Full of transformation
I became perfect
A perfect imperfection


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Transcendence- Short story

Hello All,

Please could I have your feedback. There is a writing challenge which I am participating in. The theme is fantasy and must have the opening line of ‘There weren’t always dragons in the Valley.‘ I have written the short story below and any critique or feedback is welcome.

There weren’t always dragons in the valley. But then again, there weren’t always fairies. You see, long ago, this world was very different. There used to be a lot of doom and gloom and humans dominated the land, destroying everything they touched. The world changed after the solar flare. It made way for the surviving species to evolve and for balance to return, just as nature intended. Coral reefs thrived once again and the land once paved with concrete and roads became overgrown with plants and flowers. The remaining humans evolved to become hybrids with power over the elements, and a mutation of genetics brought about the new races in all species. The flare brought everyone together. Fireflies evolved into fairies, and through mutations of birds’ genetics, dragons were born, along with an entirely new race of species throughout the lands and oceans.

The change came through solar flares, a prophecy and change that comes every 11 years in the sun’s cycle. Each time, new beginnings are forged by the sun. During 2022, the most powerful flare Earth had experienced cut power to the world, and when the energy of the flare pierced the Earth’s electric field, genetics were affected. Not everyone survived the flare. The burst of energy caused mutations in all living creatures. Those that survived were left in grief and appreciation of their new world and the second chance they were given, and I should know as I am one of the humans that remained.

My name is Zilkrix and I am writing to you from a hill peak in the Amazon. It’s been 10 years since the flare. Time has rapidly changed, but for me it still feels like yesterday, and that’s because time feels different now, less elastic. I was 30 when the flare struck, and now 10 years later, you’d think I’d look older, when in fact I don’t look a day over 18. That’s what the mutation did. The energy gave us a burst of vitality, and now we’re younger than before. Humans mutated into different races with power over the elements and hybrids of animals. This change made way for some unusual combinations. Whatever combination you can imagine, it exists. Ethnicity and nationality are things of the past. The real shock for me was the evolution of animals, trees, and plants. Dragons and unicorns are now reality. There are forests forged entirely of mushrooms, bigger than old office buildings. Flowers can walk and move locations, and shape-shifting is very much a trend. The shapeshifting humans do prevent you from talking to every creature like a baby and trying to pet it, just incase you’re petting a human in disguise. From experience, I can tell you this can be mortifying. The night life of the New Earth is a magical place. The flare blessed all living creatures with the gift of UV luminous, which we can switch on and off as we choose. Each of us has unique patterns of UV lines, which me and my sister call HD tattoos. It helps to create nights of light, colour, and beauty with all the different creatures. The real surprise for me was the evolution of fruit. Trees were given the ability to not only whip people with their branches when disrespected. But to also harvest dead animals by turning their meat into fruit. From the skin of the fruit, we are able to determine which animal the meat belongs to. It’s made hunting for food so simple, and although some animals still hunt each other. Hunting is mostly a playtime for many creatures, without much fatality. It’s a fun game we humans participate in with the animals, and it’s so much fun. Everything has become more heightened and fuller of life. It’s an awakening of magic to the senses, and it helped make the loss of the old world easier to bear. The more time went on, the more you understood why it needed to be done. More importantly, how prepared we were for change.

The day after waking from the mutation was strange. I was in bed in a daze. It had taken me 11 days to mutate. Those 11 days were full of pain, fever, chills, and extreme muscle aches. I was unconscious for most of it. But I’d wake up, drink loads, and then go back to sleep. The part of the mutation that killed many wasn’t the mutation itself but human combustion. Those that survived were lucky. After the mutating was done, I woke up completely disorientated. The smell of sweat and piss hit me. My bedding was drenched and stained. It wasn’t a proud moment. I slowly made my way to the bathroom. The walk was long as I could barely feel my legs. My body stiffened from 11 days of little movement. I must have stood in the shower for around an hour, completely present but without thought, or movement, just stillness and silence. It allowed me to centre and readjust to the new world. As soon as I opened my eyes, something washed over me, not water but an awareness of change. I knew what had happened. I knew I was deeply connected to something more. I just hadn’t understood it yet. I knew it would take time to process. I wrapped myself in a robe and headed to the kitchen. This was my second not-so-proud moment. I devoured all the food in my fridge. When I say devoured, there was nothing left. I was hungry and my body needed energy. I wolfed down four bowls of cornflakes, followed by three omelettes, five pancakes, one carton of orange juice, and one pint of coconut milk. I think I would have eaten and drunk more if there was more. But a lot of the food had rotted. I heard my phone ringing; my sister was calling. Before I even got a chance to say hi, she anxiously asked: “Where have you been?” I’ve been calling for days. “

“‘I’ve been sick in bed,’ I replied, (understatement of the year, in my opinion).

‘Put on the news! “She yelled.”

All the channels were all the same. It was from a German news station broadcasting to all citizens. I had to wait until the broadcast was available in English, but once it began, I wasn’t even shocked, they just confirmed what I somehow already knew. The broadcast announced that a solar flare had impacted Earth, causing changes in the chemistry and biology of the planet. It had spread like a virus, and no one was immune. The world came to a halt, and every living creature was impacted by a genetic altering virus. Most recovered within 1–5 days, but the greater the change, the longer it took. Others recovered within 7–10 days, and then there were the rare few, like myself, who took 11 days to mutate. The broadcaster went on to explain that there had been a mass fall of the human species and that a lot of people didn’t survive. Most electrical systems were still down, but the essentials, which were the community power grids, had been rebooted, although the broadcast stressed that this wouldn’t be permanent. The systems were struggling to maintain electrical current and power outages were certain. They were urging people to text a number with their name and address to predict how many survivors there were. They gave us an emergency channel to do so. I typed out my details into the text, with my finger hovering over the send button. My gut told me not to. Those closest to me would know I was safe, so why would I need to notify the world? Despite the great loss to humanity, this felt like freedom to me. I chose not to declare myself alive. I followed my gut, I didn’t leave one system to join another. My dependence was never on governments or systems to support me; my dependence was on Earth and the universe as nature intended. Some part of me knew that everything would be fine. My heart was at peace and this felt like the end of one era and the beginning for the remaining age. I had been reborn and it was my time to live and spread my new wings, and that’s exactly what I did, and oh my, the change opened up a world of complete surprise and I’ve never felt so alive. It was my time to discover who I was and to experience these new abilities that the universe had gifted to me.

I began my journey to my sisters. She lived around 100 miles from me. I tried starting the engine in my car and nothing. The battery was completely dead. There was a strange roar from the sky. I looked up and, oh my, my legs buckled and I fell to my knees. It’s a… it’s a… dragon. It’s a goddamn dragon. All the butterflies rushed to my stomach. Excitement and nerves washed over me. I had never been so happy, I felt like a kid and this burst of childlike energy washed over me and then something peculiar happened. Wings appeared. I had long grey iridescent wings coming out of my back. They were attached to me, and I was flying in circles trying to control them, but I couldn’t stop laughing. I prayed until this day that no one was there to witness it. I managed to regain some control and straightened myself. I was in awe. They were so beautiful and they were mine. I was overwhelmed with joy and it was strange that the wings came with their own tracker. I was able to sense Earth’s electromagnetic navigation field. It’s what racing pigeons use to travel to different locations, and I now have access to it. I spread my wings and with force I flew, faster than I’ve ever experienced, in circles, up and down. I passed other flyers on the way and the world looked so different yet so peaceful. My wings were one of many abilities I was to discover. If you could imagine it, it could happen, and for me, my greatest ability was the power of imagination and my ability to transform. There were no limits to transitioning, but each transition required metamorphosis to transform. In order to live, you have to die and be reborn, and for me, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been reborn. I’m not who I used to be, and tomorrow I’ll be something entirely different. For now my readers, I’ve given you the start of how my journey began, and tomorrow I’ll tell you more, but for now I have the Amazon sunset to enjoy and fruit to forage. So I bid you a goodbye for today and tomorrow, I will continue writing to you about how my journey progressed.

Take care.


Journal entry 1

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Spectrum of dreams

I’m a rouge star dancing
In the specks of dust,
Weaving a vortex
Of cosmic lust.
Spectrums of color
Shape into vibrant streams,
Molding particles of glitter
Into artistic dreams.
A nectar of magic merges
With my ember of hope,
Forming a single moment
Through a kaleidoscope.
Golden rivers dissolve
Into angelic wings,
Showering the planets
In a blanket of rings.
The Universe beams
Radiating lights,
As shades of wonder
Expose the night.
Rainbows of hope fuse
With the stratosphere,
leaving their mark
As my star engineer.
The echoes wave
Into the twilight hours,
As the Sun whispers
Goodnight my flowers.


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The earth knows
How to warm the core,
As the sea knows
How to touch the shore.
The oceans know
The current can break,
From peace to tsunami
In a mighty quake.
Every organism born
Is able to grow,
As they start their path
As a tiny embryo.
The planet knows
To circle the Sun,
And the moon follows
When the day is done.
The magnetic fields
Know how to protect,
This world is a miracle
That people forget.


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The comedown

Tonight started out good
But I’ve started tripping again,
Someone mixed up my drink
With some kind of hallucinogen.
Like Alice in Wonderland syndrome
It’s messing with my perception,
The rooms are changing in size
Whilst unicorns block the reception.
The floor is spinning in circles
The walls are closing in
Fairies are stripping on the chandelier
Whilst spiders are crawling up my skin.
It went from one extreme to another
“Have one more drink” she said
I didn’t think I’d be slaying monsters
Trying to decapitate my head.
Kicked out by the queen of hearts
Straight into a taxi with a killer clown,
Collapsing on my bed in disbelief
This is going to be one hell of a comedown.


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Maze runner

There are rooms
in my mind,
If you open the doors
Don’t be afraid
Of what you’ll find.
Some are beautiful
Others you’ll fear,
If they’re dark
I bring flowers here.
Don’t go in the closets
They can get messy,
Find the secret rooms
There’s not that many.
You don’t need an invite
There is no key,
It’s an open maze
To experience me.


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I’m writing my life
On a Celestial page,
Where time doesn’t exist
It’s just an illusion of age.
There is an in-between
I fell through the gap,
I asked the abyss to help
And it led me into a trap.
There’s silence in sound here
Black and white in colour,
The spectrums merge
With dimensions to discover.
The chronicle of events
I stand here touching,
And it all makes sense
Life equates to nothing.


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Ashes to flame

Accept the beauty
In her untamed flames.
She’s willing to burn
For everything,
She’s ever loved.
A wild, hot mess,
Who’s no stranger
To the ashes.
She rises up
Like the phoenix
Reborn into flames,
And she’s not afraid
To burn more powerful
Than the fires
Surrounding her.


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Broken art.

Become my artist
For just one day,
Sculpture me with passion
Masked in delicate clay.
Paint me with detail
Like I’m a masterpiece,
Canvas me in freedom
Shelter me into sheets.
Spray me onto walls
With your graffiti art,
Frame the imperfections
Of my fractured heart.
With colour’s of joy
And tears of charcoal,
Hang me in a gallery
For broken souls.


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I’ll find me, before I find you..

Before I find you
I’ll need to find me,
So when we meet
My heart can be free.
Instead of searching for love
I’m climbing my wall,
It keeps me from loving
So I’m unable to fall.
I’ll be your everything
You’ll deserve that much,
So when we meet
I’ll appreciate your touch.
When we kiss
Without hesitation,
I won’t be there
Battling my frustrations.
Let me seek the barriers
keeping me from you
So when we meet,
We can have a love that’s true.


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Fallen world

The earth splits
With my feet on both sides,
Gravity pulls me down
I’m diving into crashing tides.
The world has fallen
Like the angels once fell,
My head is spinning around
I’m tumbling from this carousel.
I’m screaming at the skies
The clouds give me no answer,
I’m left with a sinking hope
My feet are tied to an anchor.
Closing my eyes, I see your face
Your beauty drowns all my fear,
Those final moments approach
I’m ready now, you are here.


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Frozen in time – Short story

A short story on another perspective of the Titanic sinking for a vocal challenge. Please let me know any feedback. I’m still trying out short story writing and this feels like it’s missing much. Vocal link

Four days ago, on April 10th 1912, I boarded the Titanic from Southampton to New York in hope of a new life. You see, I was escaping a life that was no longer my own. I was set on marrying a Duke in an arranged marriage, a Duke of royal title, but I could not betray myself by settling for less than I deserve. Marrying for titles and not for love. After I turned down the duke’s proposal, I, once an esteemed lady, was outcasted by my own family, and I hoped for a fresh new beginning in New York. I had dreams of being a musician, but growing up in London, a career as a lady was not on the cards. My only role would have to be to bear children and play the good wife. A path that was not my own. New York was a chance for me to not be a lady, but just a person. I had sold my rubies and emeralds in exchange for currency and brought a ticket to the ship of dreams. The Titanic was the talk of the town and I was to endure this magical journey sailing on the seas of change, or so I thought.

I remember arriving at the port and at first glance, the Titanic was overwhelming. It took a moment to take in the size, and yet my mind wondered how the seas could carry such mass. I was, in fact, boarding the ship of dreams, and my imagination of the future seemed bright and positive.

The first 4 days were a chance for me to reshape myself and reflect on my life. The Titanic was full of ladies and gentlemen in suits and gowns, a reminder of the life I was leaving. Observing it from afar made me pity the socialism and constraints of the roles required. For the first time, I felt free. The food onboard was delightful; plenty of delicate sweets and fine wine to be enjoyed in the presence of the sea air. The band wore black and white everything and played with such grace. The violin strings played through the halls and chambers and kissed the nerves of the all ears that heard. There was plenty of entertainment through the balls and games arranged. It was truly a surreal experience. The days and nights were filled with peace, but that peace did not last.

On day fourth day in my voyage, I had to have an early night. My stomach churned, and I had put it down to seasickness. After just 3 hours of sleeping, I was awoken around 23:40 by a mighty thud, and the glass in my chamber rattled into my dreams. The dread shivered through my veins, and I knew something had occurred. I heard people running around the halls looking for answers, yet the ship’s crew were telling people to stay in their rooms and that everything was okay. My women’s intuition told me otherwise. I sensed the worse and got dressed, gathered my strength and headed to the deck. The sea salt and frozen air hit the back of my throat and matched the burning in my gut. There was ice on the deck, and I could hear the captain talking to his crew. He said we had hit an iceberg and the lower chambers were flooding. They were planning an evacuation.

Everything escalated awfully fast. I raced around on the deck in a panic trying to find the answers or a solution, but I was powerless. My life was again out of my control. People headed to the decks; children were crying; they were still in their night frocks and alarmed by the commotion that had imploded around them. The Atlantic Ocean was still, yet in the mist of stillness was chaos and the cries of many. The captain announced that the ship was flooding and they would begin an evacuation in which women and children would go first. At that moment, I felt the hearts of families sinking with the ship, and it would be a trip that would break many and the heartache would travel through lifetimes.

An unsteadiness travelled through the waves. The ship would violently shake and the sounds of the cabins beneath us being engorged by the Atlantic were felt on the deck. The slow collapse only escalated the state of urgency through the four days the Titanic was going under. Four days which felt like an eternity. A constant loop of panic, survival, desperation and awaiting for our turn to board the boats. Four days of crying and screaming, being surrounded by confusion and the chances of surviving shrinking with each breath of the ice air. Women and children were being frantically boarded onto the lifeboats, and there were many people and little lifeboats.

My turn had arrived. I was allowed onboarded a life boat. The wait seemed like forever and there was only 5 lifeboats remaining. People were throwing themselves overboard only to be beaten by the ocean’s artic touch. I climbed aboard the life boat afraid I would fall between the gap into the sub-zero abyss. There was no space to move, the boat was overloaded with women and children in hysterics. As we were lowered the sound of the band filled my ears once again. The band continued to do what they loved in their final moments, with a smile on their faces and immaculately dressed. Their efforts will always be honourable.

As the life boat drifted away from the unsinkable ship, the lights of the ship flickered and amplified the cries and screams of those who remained. The further the lifeboat travelled, the more the screams just became an echo in the twilight hours and an echo in my mind. I looked at the faces of the now widows, stained with tears and the fatherless children who will never see the smile of their father again. Some part of me ached for my parents to hold me again and tell me it was going to be okay. Some part of me wished I stayed.

A ship so full of life not only 4 days ago, is now a ghost ship frozen in time beneath the Atlantic Ocean, in which the spirits onboard continue to dance to the melodies of the violins, at one with the sands of time, kissed by the ocean’s breath.


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Darling, you may be broken and in pieces.

But a jigsaw never got completed with missing pieces.

I’ll assemble the puzzle of your history,

and follow your fears into the darkness where your shadow left you.

Not only will I come up with the missing pieces, but

I’ll also show you the perfect picture I already see.


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The final chapter…

If the world was ending
Would you be there,
I’d be standing on a roof
Shooting a flare.
Would you race by my side
To wipe away the tears,
Holding me in your arms
As we faced our final fears.
When we take our last breaths
Could you look me in the eye,
Tell me everything would be okay
Knowing our dreams would die,
Tomorrow will be ashes
Yesterday would be gone,
No more walks on the beach
Or dusk until dawns.
But in our final moments
I know that I will be okay,
As you’d be there beside me
Which no force could take away.


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Reality is beautifully unique
A complicated surprise,
No star looks the same
Through different eyes.
We walk down our paths
Hand in hand my friend,
Taking different journeys
We’ll all meet in the end.
What is this word ‘normal’
They try & force us to be,
How can we all be the same
In these individual realities.
We are written into one story
Living in separate stages,
Disconnected by perspective
But connected by the pages.


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Beautiful sickness

Life is our lover
The mistress in the affair,
Fucking us daily
It’s stripping us bare.
Playing mind games
We jump to its feet,
Feeding us seduction
To keep us sweet.
We bow down
To all the highs & lows,
Give and take
All the laughs & blows.
We can’t end the affair
It’s too addictive,
Because life itself
Is a beautiful sickness.


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You hear the roars
In the screams,
You see the light
In people’s dreams.
You feel alive
In the darkest night,
You see more
Without your sight.
You hear the whispers
In a crowded room,
You feel the touch
Of the flowers bloom.
You smell his scent
From miles away,
You’re more connected
Than night & day.


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When she falls tell them,
She walked with giants
A fierce warrior,
That overruled the tyrants.
A women who solved
The labyrinths maze,
And stood up to Zeus
When he asked for praise.
With an army of Titans
From both heaven & hell
This was no goddess
Just a fallen Angel.
Leading warriors into war
They salvaged power
But she hated what she saw.
She destroyed her sword
And gave up command
Running far & fast
Away from this land.
Taking the evil she once released,
She boxed it up for Pandora
To never be unleashed.


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Library of dreams – Short story

Today isn’t my usual day. Today is the beginning of something new. It’s a sunny Friday, and I have my usual weekly round trip to the library to complete. I always look forward to the library trip. The smell of old, dusty books mixed with the smell of wood and damp from the condensation around the windows, all homed in a place of silence and wisdom. Something about the library felt like home. My local library is one of a kind. It’s never busy, with two floors of magic. There are a lot of dark corners and hidden places for me to kick off my shoes, spread out on the floor and eat my picnic, which is against the rules. However, I’m sure not to touch the books with my food greased hands. I may be a rebel, but at least I’m a clean one.

I thought today would be the day for my short red floral summer dress, it has the cutest daisies printed on it, suited with a crop denim jacket and white slip-on sandals, which I could easily kick off later. I brush my long blonde hair back and tie it into a messy bun and add mascara to make my blue eyes pop, with a rose blush on to my pale skin. “Underwear or no underwear?” I thought “No underwear, no one will notice”.

It is the end of June, and the summer season is already blessing us. The sun is gracing us with its warm embrace. The smell of lavender is present as I make my way on foot to the library. I live in a small village called Elven. It’s full of old cobble buildings that are painted with history. Elven is surrounded by countryside, with plenty of walking trails and waterfalls to lose yourself in. It’s home to about 300 people. Everyone is polite and happy. A village of mystery but where everyone knows each other and help is always available. I’m extremely lucky to have grown up here. It isn’t big, but it’s home. I’d read in my stories about the main character leaving small villages in search of adventure, but that is never me. You see, I have so much adventure in me and I travel place to place. But nowhere felt quite like Elven. When you find your home, you can just feel it in your bones, and Elven is my home.

I arrive at the library and hand over my old books. I know the clerk, Thea, from my year at school. We never really spoke but always exchange a smile, as if we are familiar. I am hoping she will overlook the fact that one of the books is overdue. “Thank you, anything else?” asks Thea with a cheeky grin. “Not for now, I may have more to check out later, thank you.” I’m in the mood for a classic fairy-tale and, although there are thousands of books here that I have not read, I chose one of my all-time favourites. Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll truly blessed this world with his writings. I could truly relate to Alice. I feel like I have been down the rabbit hole many times during my mediations. I’d read something familiar whilst I’m in the library, as most of my time is spent eating, so I can’t full commit to reading. I grab Alice in Wonderland and head to the map’s sections. Why the maps, you ask? Well, in all my years visiting libraries, I always found the maps to be the quietest section. I guess it’s because people use digital maps and the maps section in this library has such a hidden corner with added dust, which only heightens the aroma. No-one ever interrupts me here either, no cameras, no security, and no-one to tell me that I can’t eat and drink here. It is a win all around.

I follow the turns of the shelves and arrive in my heaven. The aisle had one small entry and which is closed in by the surrounding book shelves, with hard wooden panel walls at both ends of the aisle for me to lean against. I always chose the right end of the aisle because it is a little bit brighter than the left. There is no window, just the right amount of light from the old orange lights above. The lights give it a very vintage feel, especially with all the cob webs surrounding them. I pull out my cheese salad and drink to begin my mad tea party. I barely ate three forks full of salad when a warm shiver melts in my core. I feel someone approaching. “Oh my,” I exclaim as I look up. Tall, dark and handsome, dressed casually in cargo shorts and a tight white tee that accentuates his perfect muscles, glancing at my still face with my mouth open and eyebrows raised as if it’s the first time I’m seeing a man. “Oh wow, stop staring, shake it off, just stop, what the fuck, blink already, move your head, oh wow, what a twat!” I thought. I quickly look down and blankly stare into my book, trying to process what is happening. I could sit in this corner for hours and not see or hear anyone, and Mr. Handsome has appeared this week. “I’ve read too many books,” I thought. “The name is Caspian,” he says with a husky voice, stretching his hand out to shake. I quickly stand to my feet, pulling my dress down and ensuring nothing is exposed in the sudden rush. “Astrid, it’s nice to meet you.” I took his hand in mine, and when our eyes met for the first time, the warmth rushes back to my core. I feel like I have known him forever. My body and soul recognises him. My knees begin to shake and the warmth rushes to my now blushing cheeks. Our eyes and souls unite in this moment, and I know he feels it too. There is a resistant frown that appears on his warm tanned skin, but his green eyes are transparent to what he desires. The electricity between us could have lit up the entire village, and the chemistry multiplies by the second. Time completely stops and there is no one in this space other than us. I feel him time and time again. I just didn’t know what that feeling was until now as our bodies and souls took over the moment. We are meant to be. With his hand at the back of my neck, he pulls me closer and our lips meet. He makes love to me with his lips alone and the shiver runs throughout my entire being. I’m unsure how long we are in this embrace; I’m completely lost in another time and space with this stranger. He wraps his free arm around me and picks me up, holding our lips together. My back pins against the wall. I belong to him and he to me. It isn’t like any books I’ve read. As our lips part and eyes opened, we hold each other’s gaze, and then, I don’t know why, I just put my head on his shoulder. Tears begin leaving my eyes. I’m in a state of confusion, was this a dream, I have no idea of what this means. This entire moment fills a hole inside me, but I’m left with so many questions. For the first time in my life, I just know I’ll be okay, I’m truly home.

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The heat of passion

With flares of temptation,

A touch of your leg

And discreet flirtation.

The flutter of your eyes

And the ache of my heart,

I’m trying very hard

Not to fall apart.

A devilish grin

To draw you in,

Across the table

I graze your skin.

Cheeky seduction

With the tension teasing

I feel my heart

Rapidly beating.

Eyes lock

And my soul strips,

Feeling the desire

Thrust through my hips.

Resisting the pull

Goosebumps are unloading,

Your scent is electric

The chemistry is exploding

Biting my lip

And controlling the urge,

Anticipating the moment

We finally merge.


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Paths collide

As I walk through the corridor

I capture his green eyes,

Gravity pulls me towards him

I can feel my senses multiply.

In this single moment

Time is frozen,

Nobody else exists

In all of this commotion.

Chemistry is in the air

The particles fill with tension,

The atmosphere sweeps me away

To another dimension.

My stomach fills

With a sea of butterflies.

My body is melting

From the seduction in his eyes.

Within a moment of forever

And in a second of chance,

I am embedded

In one wave of dance.

My heart is blushing

As the stars are aligning,

I already feel at home with this stranger

As our destinies are intertwining.


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Soul engineers extended

An extended version of a previous piece of poetry: Soul engineer

Today wasn’t a date

It was a change,

A man entered my life

And formed a fresh new page.

A glimpse of his eyes

Melted into my core,

I needed to know him

My body ached for more.

It was a flirty conversation

and the body language was immense,

Talking to each other’s souls

The passion was intense.

A magnet pulled us close

The anticipation was at its peak

The way his energy captured me

And how his eyes could speak.

He pulled me into his embrace

Everything was clear

As he whispered sweet nothings

Into the nerves of my ear.

“Where have you been

My heart had been torn apart by wars.

I was searching for suppression

But your gaze was my cure”.

The words made me weak

I could barely stand,

He was awfully unexpected

Better than I had planned.

My heat was on edge

As we left together,

The taxi was a new journey

From this moment to forever.

As soon as we arrived at his

The poetry began,

I couldn’t have resisted if I’d tried

And I surrendered the universes plan.

His body was fixed

Against my heart,

His hands wandered

Writing his passion

With the thoughts of art.

He was designing my dreams

and opening doors,

Our bodies synced

As we screamed for more.

He pressed his love

Upon on my lips,

and pushed his desires

Through my hips.

I breathed in his hope

and structured my fears,

We merged together

As soul engineers.


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I have a naïve heart
filled with fairy dust,
A strange girl
Full of magical lust.
I will fly away
To foreign sands,
And find my way
To Neverland.
I can never grow old
With a heart of light,
I’ll fly over the second star
To the right.
I’ll find them pirates
And steal their treasure,
Because “to live would be
an awfully big adventure”
I don’t need pixie dust
To help me fly,
I have faith these wings
Can carry me high.
All it takes is hope
Dreams & ambition,
To create my neverland
I just need imagination.


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Blank canvas

Speak the language we only speak,
The fire of a writer,
Leaves me weak.
Flames of passion which I crave
Electric shocks of seduction,
Absorbed into lyrical waves.
A masterpiece or a work of art,
It’s the imaginative way,
You draw in my heart.
Pulling me into every emotion,
Writing me into pages,
That hold the depths of oceans.
The way your ink draws me in,
It’s like a magnetic pull,
Gliding across my skin.
Let your ink flow free,
I’ll be your blank canvas,
Write your creativity upon me.


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Pandora’s box

I dreamt I was searching
For Pandora’s box,
Buried in an abyss
Of darkness and rocks.
Whilst searching
I was tortured by pain,
Of a thousand souls
Hell couldn’t contain.
But in all this torture
I was approached by hope,
It was anchored to my life
And I was the rope.
After the tests and trials
I stumbled on a cave,
Were the box was open
& the world was its slave.


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I’m a pirate of life
Aching for treasure,
Feeling the freedom
Is what I pleasure.
I’m a pirate on land
Not one with the sea,
I’m following a compass
To find a part of me.
I’ll sail in my depths
To find caves hidden,
Whilst I test the current
Of a land forbidden.
I’m free with myself
But not the ocean around,
I’m searching for treasure
On this hollow ground.


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Would you kiss my lips,
If they are bleeding pain
Would you wipe away acid,
If my tears leaked with shame.
Would you hold me close,
If my heart fired ice,
Would you carry me home
If I fled from this life.
Would you chase me into storms
Just to battle my thunder,
Would you hold me in your arms
To give me shelter to hide under.
Would you love me in reality
Could anyone ever love me,
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I’m all about unicorns,
Rainbows and light,
With added sarcasm
And a poetic bite.
I will fight for love
Or anything greater,
With a vocabulary like
A posh drunken sailor.
I’ve a sexy imagination
Like a dirty damsel,
I’ll be really good
Or a god damn handful.
I’m completely loyal
Yet slightly psychopathic,
I’ll give you my best
As a hopeless romantic.
I’ll wear that little dress
With those heels you like,
Then I’ll drop you a hint
That I’m on a hunger strike.
You’ll never get bored
As longs as you’re with me,
We can live for life
and we’ll always be free.


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You’re the muse
In my ear,
Whispering things
Only I can hear,
Telling me secrets
Telling me lies,
You’re the sparkle
In my eyes.
You give me strength
You give me hope,
You’re the reflection
In my kaleidoscope.
Keeping me grounded
As my anchor,
You’re the oxygen
In my atmosphere.


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Soul letter

The alphabet fluctuates
From letters to emotion,
As we embed our passions
On pages forever frozen.
We string text together
And give it a meaning,
Then we open our souls
To a dictionary of feelings.
Rhymes become inked
With broken hearts,
For the bleeding poetry
To be called art.
Words become characters
As we make them whole,
We fill letters with ideas
And words with soul.


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The dust has settled

With opening and closing

Creaky doors,

An abandoned home

Of broken drawers.

The attic has secrets

The basement holds webs,

There’s old holey sofa

And a damaged bed.

Once a loving home

Forgotten by time,

The dials on the grandfather clock

Have lost their chime.

An energy was left

It walks through the halls,

Singing sweet melodies

That echo through the walls.

The sun’s presence

Highlights the dust,

As the heat stagnates the air

And amplifies the smell of must.

The overgrown lawn

Once held many features,

Now it’s barely recognisable

Yet appreciated by many creatures.

There’s charm and character

That remains in this place,

Held within a ghostly moment

In time and space.


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Shortlisted- The Abyss of Alice

I am so happy to share this news with my followers: one of my short stories, The Abyss of Alice, has been shortlisted. Out of 13,000 submissions, 1,025 stories have been shortlisted and mine is one of them. Yay!!

The challenge was on vocal. The requirements were for a fiction story, with no prompt, genre or theme to stick to or requirement a story must meet.

25 grand prize winners will be selected to receive $5,000 each, and have their stories published in Vocal’s first ever book—a collection of short stories by Vocal creators, available for purchase and estimated for release in the spring of 2022. 1,000 runners up will be selected to receive a free year of Vocal+ membership.

We won’t find out until February 25th who the grand finalists are. This is my first success as a writer and I am over the moon with being shortlisted and winning a prize of a year’s free membership on vocal. Fingers crossed for a grand prize win 🙂

Love to you all, Katrina

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It’s my WordPress 6 years anniversary this month. In celebration I thought I would re-share my very first publication. Thank you to all my amazing followers for supporting me throughout the years.

I scour from the beautiful sky
My wings are spread, here I fly,
The sun is out and I can feel the wind
I am the predator, I have you pinned.

The horizon is bleak and the dark is near
I hunt my prey in which they fear.
A kind soul born to be free
Lonely at heart when the creatures flee.

I see the world from up above
The Humans living & looking for love.
Those magical feelings that will make them fly
We’re not so different; we’re just passing time by.

Whoever you are, we all have a heartbeat
Memories and dreams we need to repeat,
Sometimes people just need to see
The spiral of life that they cannot flee.

Don’t let your darkness hide the light
We still have a chapter to write,
Just relax and close your eyes
And channel the wisdom in the skies.


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Save me a seat

Save me a seat

When I’m no longer here,

I’ll be at your graduation

Listen close, and you’ll hear me cheer.

Save me a seat

At your wedding,

I’ll be guiding you down the aisle

And on the path you’re heading.

Save me a seat

At your dinner events,

I’ll be celebrating beside you

Whilst you open your presents.

Save me a seat

Wherever you may be,

Because I’ll will always be here

Saving you a seat next to me.


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Mr time

He is judging me
The man called time,
Waving his hands at me
Because he’s holding mine.
Moving the dials forward
He will not go back,
The only time I see the past
Is through the flashbacks.
I can hear him calling me
Through the clocks,
His messages are coded
Into the ticks and tocks.
Time is like a maze
It doesn’t freeze
So many dead ends
Without any keys.
Those dials of his
Want me to break,
As they never give time
But they always take.


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Red is the smell of strawberries

and the feeling of surprise,

The scent of the earthy soil

and the blood flowing behind our eyes.

Our first main chakra is called the root

Associated with the colour red,

it’s our foundation to life

and it highlights all the fears we’ve fed.

Red is the vitality

That keeps us alive,

The strength of our instincts

Embedded, in the stop signs.

Red is our connection to Earth

Connecting Earths iron core to the iron in our blood,

It’s our survival in life and the question of

Whether we should.

Red is the aroma of cinnamon

And the taste of the juicy pomegranate seeds,

It holds the essence of Christmas

As the colour associates with sugary greed.

Red is the colour of addiction

And life’s temptations.

The feeling of pain and agony

From boiling inflammations.

Red is an alertness

That gives us fight,

It’s the first colour we see as child

And the last to leave our sight.

Red is the colour of healing

With infrared gifted by the Sun,

It’s an ability activated by our hands

When there’s healing to be done.

Red is there to ground us

Our instinctual guide

It’s one of the Suns three primary colours

And with these three, every colour is supplied.


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Inking agony

Paper can’t handle
The ink that I spill,
There’s a curse hidden
Behind my quill.
Letters turn to acid
Paper to ash,
The alphabet cries
When emotions clash.
My writing is messy
There is no design,
I don’t fix in any box
Or in-between the lines.
When it comes to art
You must give insanity,
As poetic truths
Are inked with agony.


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Two night owls- Short story

Last night started out bleak. I was tossing and turning and counting the sheep. It wasn’t the first time, nor the last. The clock struck midnight and time was passing fast. “A cup of tea,” of course. I knew the caffeine wouldn’t help. Inside, I screamed, but all I did was let out a welp.

You see, night times were the times of inspiration and promise. The stars were shining, and at the midnight hour, my emotions were the most honest. I gave up and accepted creative defeat. The barn called me, and I had a painting to complete. I climbed into my slippers and rolled on my dressing gown and headed next door, to the place where I expressed all my ups and downs. I tied my long blonde hair into a bun and set out on my way for some creative fun.

The bats were out in solitude as the moonlight grazed the grass fields, highlighting their food. I remember the cold frost approaching over the distance, I felt the hesitation in me and my body’s resistance. I needed to sleep, but how? I when the inspiration ran too deep? I was never built for 9–5 living, when the nocturnal creature that is me was unforgiving. I knew I’d be tired when my alarm would awake me from my slumbers, “screw the system! it’s nothing but words and numbers”.

My creativity was real, my art was my expression, and the paintings and colours knew me without question. The barn was my emotional outlet, where I had spent many nights. My emotions were part of the woodwork, and my energy was embedded in the lights. I headed through the barn door and let out a shiver. There were holes in the roof, so the cold flooded in like a river. I threw a load of wood onto the log burner and hoped for the best. After about 10 minutes of waiting, the flames began, and with that light came a glimpse of an intriguing guest.

Our guest was white with brown wings. Its yellow eyes reflecting with the flames, it had a half-eaten mouse in front of him, from his hunting games. It was a barn owl, so alert and full of patience. We both looked at each other curiously. It seemed unbothered by my presence. It had found a home in the corner of my old bookcase. The doors had fallen off. It was on my list to be restored, but I was having trouble finding time due to the whole rat-race. “What should I call you?” I whispered into the dark space, “My name is Mary. It’s okay, you are safe. ”

An opportunity hit me. I had a volunteer from whom I would draw. It would be like my life-drawing classes, except this model followed nature’s law. I scurried around, and gathered my pencils. The night had delivered me so much potential. I set up my easel with fresh paper on display, and began drawing that magnificent creature. I didn’t want the moment to drift away.

I sketched the outline of its brown wings and a thought crossed my mind. Was the creature alone or did it live with its kind? Would more arrive? Their hunt would be over soon, as we wave our goodbyes to the twilight moon. It’s curious how we project our own instincts onto other creatures. Do they need love or warmth? Are they hungry? I guess we are always learning because nature will always be our greatest teacher.

The owl became my inspiration, and it didn’t even know, how its appearance activated my creative flow. Its brown, beautiful wings and a pure white head and chest, with reflective eyes and an ivory-coloured beak, nestle beautifully in my creative nest. My home will always be yours as we share this planet together, because these moments are worth a thousand treasures.

My eyes watched in awe as it devoured its prey. I wasn’t bothered that it was moving. I’m just glad it didn’t fly away. After 3 hours of silence and utter concentration, the drawing was finally complete, I turned and showed it the image, and it jumped full stretch to its feet. I thought it was out of please. I guess I was a bit forthcoming and put the little creature at unease. “It’s okay, I just wanted you to see. How beautiful you are to me. We have more in common than you think. We are both night owls, and our body clocks are probably quite in sync. I’ll leave this image here because we both need to rest, and if you are here tomorrow, then I’ll be truly blessed. ”

I left the barn beaming with glee at how this little owl drew such happiness from me. Just one interaction can widen your view as the magic of life can appear, out of the blue. I made my way to bed, no longer worried about sleep, as the relaxation in my veins ran so deep. I had 5 hours until my alarm chimes. That’s plenty of time, because the memories are embedded in a melody of rhyme.


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The illusion of separation

We are dreaming because a lot of people are still sleeping. When we look at the world, it’s full of wonder and beauty. However, it’s also full of illusions, an illusion that many are still sleeping in. This illusion is called “separation.” Separation is driven by the governments and media, whether they know they are causing it or not. To wake up is to see beyond the illusion. Below are some examples of what causes separation from ourselves, the world, and our true nature.

  • Violence
  • Hatred
  • Ego
  • Discrimination
  • Duality
  • War
  • Greed
  • Pride
  • Identity
  • Roles
  • Hierarchies
  • Material world
  • Possessions

They are only a small fraction of the examples. When we are separated, we tend to overconsume in order to fill the void. We may work more, eat more, drink more, or allow ourselves to become addicted to anything that gives us the slightest bit of pleasure or belonging. If we don’t experience this fulfilment, then we end up with depression and anxiety.

Depression and anxiety are not the problems. You see, depression is a way of telling our bodies that our minds and hearts are somewhere they don’t belong. It’s separation from the world and our true calling that causes depression, because deep down, we all just want to go home. That home is already here. We just need to remove the layers of separation that prevent us from experiencing and living freely. Shadow work can help remove the layers of separation.

We see separation mostly commonly through the media and news. It’s driven by separation. You see, if we all got along perfectly, then we would work together in unity and oneness. We would no longer need the government. They are supposed to be the middle ground, creating the balancing and teaching us the understanding to be the best we can be. However, they are not preventing balance; they are driving a wedge in-between. They need us to need them for their own survival, so they create a fear and then they fight that fear, and we’re to applaud this ‘act’ of heroism with service and gratitude. They are not a good example of leadership. Even governments are separated by their own parities, or left and right views. We can all view the same picture. No one will experience the picture the same way. However, we can agree on a balanced understanding of what that picture means. This is called an alignment, and each day we are aligning with oneness and unity. Just as the sun and stars align. We are synchronising with our true purpose. The world may feel like it’s getting worse when, in fact, the illusion is falling and more people are awakening. Turning off your television and media channels helps your mind to become clear and to see past the illusion of conditioning. It allows your true self to shine through. We disconnect from the illusion to reconnect to our true purpose.

Conditioning is a strange concept. It’s strange because everything in the universe and on this planet, even ourselves, is naturally unconditioned. Conditioning is something created by man to control. An example of this is our food and land. We have vast amounts of food and land that the governments have taken from us to sell back to us. This is controlled conditioning. The conditioning sends people to work to earn money to buy food, land, houses, and freedom. Therefore, they create an illusion. The planet and universe gave us everything, even the freedom to travel. The freedom to travel has become conditioned by passports and now vaccinations. The freedom to sleep where you choose is conditioned by who owns the land. The illusion that we own possessions. We can’t take anything with us when we die except our spirits. How much time and value have you given to nurturing and understanding your own spirit? The unconditional love that comes with living is conditioned by how much money, skin colour, gender, attractiveness, etc. a person has. Is it the conditioning that humans are the priority species? How many times do we hear about other species on the news? How much effort do we put into maintaining the diversity of species? Very little, because we have been divided by our own diversity as humans. We’ve been blinded by the illusion of conditioning. The universe is infinite, as are we. We are unconditioned beings. If there is a restriction on loving yourself and others unconditionally, then you have been conditioned to think and behave a certain way. Remove the conditioning and you’ll find freedom. Remove the conditioning and there wouldn’t be any discrimination to begin with. All that would remain is unconditional love and acceptance for all.

Let’s talk about mirroring. The world we live in is a mirror dimension. We see reflections of ourselves in others. What we judge and look for in others is a reflection of what needs healing in ourselves. We don’t see the world as it is. We see it as we are. It’s just how the visible light reflects on our eyes. When we evolve consciousness, we feel more connected to ourselves and, therefore, we feel more connected to others. But how is the mirror dimension being used to create an illusion? The answer is “mirror behaviour.” Naturally, for evolution and survival, we have mirrored behaviour for our own survival and our own evolution. This is so we evolve, and in unity we take the best option and evolve together. However, something went wrong in our own evolution. This behaviour lets us down. Let’s have a look at a scenario. There is a bully picking on a child. The bully calls you over. You respond and go over. Now you have two options for your own survival and evolution. You can choose to join in with the bully because it’s the easiest option and “you don’t want any trouble,” or you can choose to stand up against the bully and give the victim strength. Which one do you think would be best for your survival? Which choice would be best for your own evolution? You see, many people become driven more by survival than evolution. Survival goes for the option that is most comfortable. Evolution requires discomfort to grow. Survival and evolution are not separate, though, and they never have been. They are one. However, they have been separated by the system we live in due to fear. The system provides for our survival in exchange for our life-time service and conformity. There is no talk about evolution. Why do you think this is? Evolving is our choice, and evolution comes from those who ask the questions. Evolution comes from those that break away. Evolution comes from those that have survived. It’s formed by discomfort, trauma, and depression. All seeds, eggs, and diamonds grow in the dark and form under pressure. But once you reach the light, you are nurtured and given everything you need to survive. The light continues to guide you, and it’s always been inside you and around you. The light never leaves. Sometimes we just have to break the shell around us in order to remember who we are.

My dream is that people will wake up from the illusion and return to oneness. Oneness is a state of being that is driven by compassion, unity, and wisdom. Oneness is unconditional. It’s inside us and we are connected to it. Oneness is not restricted to humans. Oneness is concerned with all forms of life on this planet and the balance of all. My dream is unconditional and infinite, just as we all are. Those that are sleeping are not separate from those that have been awakened. We are all together and connected. We are all one.


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We live in a masterpiece
An absolute work of art,
Beauty is everywhere
Embedded In the Universes heart.
From the gravitation of the stars
And the vibration of tunes
Love is everywhere
Thanks to the Suns & Moons.
It’s a dance of frequencies
A painting with every colour,
With shines, glimmers and twinkles.
It’s a creativity like no other.
There’s a magic within
Energy is all around,
From the atoms and cells
To the dust on the ground.
Life is a blueprint of love
Every speck holds its secret
Whispering into the ethers,
Listen close, can you hear it?
The spiral of life deepens
With the sacred geometry,
An art piece without an end
An art piece of infinite quality.
The universes unique architecture
In which everything aligns
From the detail of a snowflake
To a stars design.
We live in a fairytale
A true masterpiece of art,
From the life you experience
To what you feel in your heart.
As child we observed
Through innocent eyes,
Believe in the wonder again
True love never dies.


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If time vanishes
Then I want you to know,
How the light stays
Just to watch you grow.
If your flame goes out
Please never worry,
It will return for those
Who are ready.
Open your heart
To unconditional love
Have faith in yourself
And the stars above.
We are all connected
Everything is already here,
Trust the divine plan
When it disappears.
There are lessons
To help you find your way,
Open your heart & mind
Trust, everything will be okay.


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The Abyss of Alice – Short story

It was a snowy Friday night and the clock had struck midnight. I sat on my balcony ledge admiring the undisturbed snow blanketing the street. I had such a temptation to run through the snow and leave a trail of snow angels. However, I was too captivated by the stars who were gracing the world with their presence. The moment was breath-taking, just like a scene from a movie. A moment that I did not want to end. The temperature of the air had reached its freezing point and the cold shivered down into my core. I decided to take a selfie for my followers, attempting to capture as much of the background as my lens could hold. I was foolish and I leant too far and lost balance. “Shit,” I said with panic, trying to catch the ledge. The catch was unsuccessful and I fell from the balcony.

The fall felt like I had been falling over and over again for an eternity. There was no adrenaline, just silence and a state of shock. My limbs were frozen. I could not scream or blink. The more I fell, the colder and darker my surroundings became. It felt like I was dissolving into the nothingness over and over again. There was an anticipation of impact which took forever to reach. However, the impact of a hard ground did not arrive as I had expected. Instead, I was greeted with the whiplash of water that would be scarred into my memories for lifetimes. I had crashed into an abyss. The water engulfed me and I was pulled under. I tried to swim up, but my clothes were so heavy. The water was ice cold and the current was strong. I could not see how far under the surface I had sunk. It was hard to grasp any stability in the commotion. I tossed my arms and flapped my legs until breaking point managing to make my way to the surface. As soon as my face felt the brisk air, I breathed in all the oxygen my lungs could hold and exhaled in horror at my surroundings.

There was nothing in my sight. No sky, no horizon, no snow and no walls. Just pitch-black darkness. I was looking for something, anything to hold onto, but there was no hope. There was no light except I could see the water surface glistening. I couldn’t figure out how it was glistening. Was I hallucinating? I couldn’t feel the ground beneath my feet, just the current spinning me in circles. The confusion and disorientation was kicking in fast. “‘Help, help,'” I screamed. My voice echoed and echoed into the distance. The space surrounding me was utterly silent. Not the type of silence you hear in the still of the night. The type of silence that drowns you in the sound of your heart thudding. I didn’t know what to do. My situation was surreal and overwhelming. My heart was racing and anxiety took over and a lifetime of tears poured from me.

Each tear drop turned into a river, flooding the water further. I tried to stop crying, but I couldn’t. The tears just kept pouring out of me. I was floating in an ocean of my own tears. My cry bounced from silence to silence, echoing into screams of pain. My tear drops began to freeze the water surrounding me. Waves were frozen within a ripple of time. I could feel the ice seeping into the cracks of my skin. I was becoming one with the abyss. I had given into a lifetime of heartache, fear and escape. I had no fight left in me. I had wasted my fight on people less deserving. I had saved no strength for my own survival. The dark ocean’s lure was consuming me. My hands started to ice over. The blood pumping in my veins was slowing. “Was this it?” I shuddered. Would I become frozen in time? Never to be seen again. Would those that I left behind remember me? Was I worth remembering? The more I thought, the faster I froze over. In both life and death, I had grown cold, and the cracks were exposed. Was I already dead?

At one moment, I thought I heard someone shout my name. “Alice, Alice”. Then it happened again, “Alice, Alice,” but this time it was louder. ‘I did hear someone shout my name’. My lips were too frozen to shout back. Could someone save me? Just as hope arrived, everything went dark. There was no more cold or darkness, just peace. An overwhelming warmth rushed through my core. A light flashed through my gaze and familiar voices were talking around me. I could hear my partner James. He was on the phone to someone explaining how he had found me in the pool beneath our balcony. He was sobbing uncontrollably. I just wanted to cry with him. He went on to say that I was 3 days into a coma with a serious head injury and a broken leg. I had fallen onto the roof of the conservatory. The fall left me unconscious almost immediately as I whacked my head on a lower ledge. I slid down the roof and flew off the side and broke my leg by clipping the side of the pool with great impact. James heard the thuds and splashes and came running to my rescue. The paramedics managed to resuscitate me twice before arriving at the hospital. All of this because of one selfie. One selfie nearly cost me my life. One selfie that would later cost me my sanity.


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Little prince Olly – Short story

Short story I wrote for a children’s book.

Little prince Olly

Just could not sleep,

He cuddled his blanket

and even tried counting sheep.

Little prince Olly

Decided to go for a walk,

The house was sleeping

Even the dog would not talk.

Little prince Olly

Decided to explore the grounds,

He got scared by the creaky floors

And all the squeaky sounds.

Little Prince Olly

Tried to pour a drink,

But the milk bottle slipped

And milk spilled all over the sink!

Little Prince Olly

Opened Mummy & Daddy’s door,

He laughed out loud

When he heard Daddies, almighty snore.

Little Prince Olly

Crawled into Mummy & Daddies bed,

He closed his eyes & fell asleep

As soon as the pillow touched his head.


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I am very similar
To my porcelain skin,
Smooth on the surface
Yet hollow within.
If you look closely
You can trace my tracks,
Of this worn exterior
That has started to crack.
I’m strong & sturdy
Yet a fragile little thing,
My strength is carried
On my broken wings.
Just one last drop
I will fail to exist,
As history will scatter
Into a porcelain mist.


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Shape Of Growth

I followed my dreams
They led me to you,
Over the dark forest
Beyond the castle view.
When I asked for a sign
It spelled out my name,
Burning into my mind
Like fire to a flame.
When I searched for love
I was handed a mirror,
I needed to love myself
To see things clearer.
When I chased freedom
I lost touch with reality,
Shaping myself was vital
Discovery was the key.
The answers appeared
Knowledge had to be earned.
I found myself embedded
In the lessons I had learned.


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Why a vegan diet is becoming more important for our survival.

Ignorance is bliss until our ignorance pays the price. Saving ourselves isn’t a crime, and changing our beliefs is simply waking up from the false education of the “sales” system. We worry about taking action on our diets initially, as it requires change and learning. Rather than focusing on what we have to lose, let’s focus on what we have to gain. I’m here to give a brief overview of why meat, dairy, and fish are no longer required. Once we have learned and felt the difference between what a plant-based diet offers, there’s no going back. The reason so many vegans are vocal about the plant-based lifestyle is that we care. We understand the great effect veganism has on the body and the planet, and we want others to understand it too. We want others to feel the great effects that living a vegan life has to offer. For those that require scientific-backed evidence, there are some documentaries at the end of this article that expose the meat, fish, and dairy industries and the deterrent effects of consumption.

Waking up to our diets means understanding that we don’t need meat to survive. Human bodies are naturally adapted to a plant-based diet. Animals eat the plants to gain nutrients, then humans eat the meat to absorb the second-hand nutrients the animals have digested. So, why do we eat animals for nutrients when we can get the nutrients from their source? The biggest lie that the meat industry spreads, which I even fell for, was that vitamin b12 can only be eaten by consuming animals and dairy. For those that don’t know, vitamin b12 is essentially bacteria from soil. Animals eat grass and soil, and the bacteria ingested is vitamin B12. However, animals themselves don’t consume vitamin B12 in the meat industry unless they are bred organically. How many of us buy organic dairy and meat? Animals are injected with vitamin B12 due to pesticides, chlorinated water, and health standards intervening. If plants and fruit were grown naturally without pesticides and tainted water, we could get vitamin B12 from the dirt on the food. Industries have just become obsessed with cleanliness to hide their own dirt. A lot of animals are injected with hormones, antibiotics, and unnatural chemicals just to meet food standards. So, we are filling our bodies with more than just meat. We are filling our bodies with second-hand nutrients, harmful chemicals, medications, and unnatural hormones. If humans were designed to eat fish, we would have been born in the ocean with gills and fins to help us hunt. Our greed and belief that we are the superior species that can consume or buy anything we like on this planet is not only destroying the planet, but it has created an imbalance in the food chain. Wildlife is starving because of human greed. Furthermore, scientists are pulling fish out of the water and finding a high level of class A drugs, plastics, radiation and hormones in their systems due to water pollution and human destruction. Anything that pollutes the water is absorbed by the fish we are consuming. The biggest causes of water pollution are plastics, microplastics, and synthetics.

For those that understand energy and vibrations, foods vibrate at different levels. Meat vibrates at low levels compared to fruit and vegetables, which vibrate at higher levels. Everything we eat is an energy and cellular exchange, so we are what we eat. If we replace our high-vibrational energy and cells in the long term, with lower vibrational energy and cells, it’s going to suppress, depress and make us ill. When our awareness and vibrations increase, our bodies will generally start moving towards the foods that match our vibrations. As our awareness and compassion for our life grows, we may naturally gravitate toward fruits and vegetables.

If you would like to understand the lies surrounding the meat, fish, and dairy industries and how they are killing the population and the planet, then there are a number of beneficial shows on Netflix that have scientific studies and backed-up evidence to illuminate the lies.

Netflix shows 1- Game changers 2- What the health. 3- Cowspiracy 4- Seaspiracy 5- Kiss the ground.

I’ve spoken about what we are actually consuming. This is only the basics of the problem. It’s bigger than you and me. The damage caused by farming each year has a giant impact on climate change (human greed) and other species. The main reason why the information is not in the public domain is that the governments and industries behind the lies are too afraid to lose money, but most importantly, their egos are afraid to admit they were wrong. Years ago, the tobacco industry bragged about how beneficial tobacco products were until the truth came out. This is what’s happening in today’s world with meat and dairy. The truth is being revealed. The balance of our own bodies and the planet lies in our actions. When we consume more than what’s required or consume something that isn’t required, it creates an imbalance elsewhere. In this case, the imbalance is all around us in the world, and for some of us, the imbalance is in our bodies. We need to ask ourselves the question. Suppose we had to go out and hunt for our own food. Could we? Or is it the convenience of someone slaughtering on our behalf that allows us to consume meat? Where’s the fairness in that? There is a wide community of vegans that can help newcomers adjust. The greatest myth about veganism is that everything tastes bland. We are opening our palettes to a whole range of new and incredible flavours and tastes. Our shopping bills and chances of illness will decrease massively. We need to educate ourselves on the new knowledge that has arisen. If we had all the information, then we could make a clear judgement on what is best for us. Don’t wait for the governments and news to educate you. They won’t risk the hole in their pockets. Get ahead of the game and embrace change, because one day the effects will be like the effects of smoking. They were once hailed as being good for us until people woke up.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Charles Darwin 1809 – 1882

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Consumerism is the virus

Consumerism is the virus:

Right now, at this very moment. Quiet your mind, connect to the present moment, and ask yourself; What do you need in this moment to fulfil yourself? Did you think ahead? When we are present in the moment, we require nothing. We have everything we need. We have a body to experience the moment, oxygen in our lungs, love around us and inside us. Food in our stomach? So why do we need more?

The main reason is that along the way, we lost our connection to nature and the presence that surrounds us. The reason why? We didn’t know any different. When we are young, our minds are led by society and become programmed to live a certain way to be accepted. Seeing past the illusion of life helps us become our true selves. The system has misled the world into believing that we need to consume to fulfil us because it will make us happier or because everyone else has it “the trend” or “the norm”. Instead, it created a void inside us, a false identity. This false identity led us away from our true nature. Instead of creating an advanced world, we ended up with divisions, negativity, and a false illusion of what life should be. When we over consume and take what we don’t need, not only does this create an imbalance in the world, it also creates an imbalance in ourselves. We have been programmed by marketing, sales, and ads every day to consume more. Why? Because the system is reliant on us and expects us to reciprocate. When we feed that consumption, we teach our minds and bodies that when we are feeling down, we should feed it with, food, drugs, work, money, soulmates, sex, stimulants, technology, drink, amazon packages, medications, knowledge, and many more Why? Because it lifts us in that moment and provides us with a temporary elevated sense of worth, purpose, or satisfaction and because this is what we’ve been programmed to do. We live in a society of avoidance and greed. We do it guilt free because ignorance is bliss and everyone else does it right? This desire to consume creates a separation from others, ourselves and nature. We end up destroying acres of lands and oceans with consumption. We end up competing for more, sacrificing for more, risking more and losing more of ourselves and our true identity to the hunger, and in the end, the void inside us and the system that feeds the voids will never be satisfied. In the end, nature pays the cost, and that cost will swing back around. We have been given too much choice and access to natures resources without calculating the consequences. There are millions of species across this planet. One species should not take the priority over the rest. We all have an equal purpose on this planet to supply the planet with all that it needs and the planet will supply us with all our needs. Why is our effort going into supplying the system with all that it needs? It doesn’t supply anything for us. The planet does.

The greatest antidote is becoming aware of our own consumption, self-medicating habits, awareness of the methods the system uses to increase spending, awareness of the ads and marketing misleading our subconscious, awareness of the impact of the imbalance on the planet, especially when we take into account the billions of humans consuming. Awareness of what we actually need to make it through the day opposed to taking what we want. Awareness of the methods we use to justify the need to “medicate the negativity”.

More is having less in life. It’s waking up from a false system. We don’t fill the void, we heal it by removing the need to feed it. We simplify our life choices and priorities to what is actually important. Sometimes we can’t avoid money. However, we learn not to depend on it. When we realise our true nature and the nature of the planet, money becomes worthless. Depending on our situation, we may require it to provide for our families and to pay the bills. However, the problem of consumption comes into play when we are providing ourselves and our families with the latest technology, fashion, cars, entertainment, instead of stretching and recycling what we already have. Looking at sustainable ways to provide your needs will help bring out your creativity and true resourcefulness. If your excuse is that you don’t have the time or energy? Then the system is taking more from you than you know. How much more will you give?

To understand how much you consume, question yourself: How much do we really take in life? How much do we take from others? How much do we take from nature? How much do we buy? Is what we buy sustainable? How much do we give back to others and the planet? How much does the system take from us and nature? How much does the system give back to us and nature? How much does the system take for itself? When was the last time I fed a hungry person? Would I want help if was in need?

We change the planet by becoming the change. We can’t expect to wait for the system to teach us to change. Whilst the system earns money, there will never be change because the ‘economy’ is the greatest delusion fabricated. It’s time we moved away from selfish into selflessness. There is an invisible energy that connects all life, so you are never truly alone. When we change, a shift begins in that energy. Everyday, more people are stepping away from this outdated system of greed and are becoming the change. Why? Because we actually see what is going on in the world. We feel the change and we are no longer part of the illusion and divide. We are part of the solution and we choose healing. Healing of ourselves, others and the planet. We evolve together and prioritise what is most important: the planet and ALL life on it.


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Spectrum of dreams

In a land of dreams
Time doesn’t bend,
Crossing dimensions
Chasing worlds end.
Follow the secret garden
Down into an abyss,
The silence dissolves
Into the noise you miss.
Through deathly hollows
In-between the gargoyles,
You’ll find the doorways
To a realm of royals.
Go beyond existence
The moon is possessed,
In an open garden
Where the comets rest.
Follow the spectrum
Into the night sky,
Merge with the dimensions
Hidden behind the eye.


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Time for a treat..

Lets straighten things out
On crispy white sheets,
It’s been a long time coming
We’re in need of a treat.
Draw the curtains
We’ll be here for weeks,
Learning each others bodies
And the way they speak.
Don’t hold back
Lock the door,
My body screams for you,
I’m in need of more.
Like two magnets,
We face the attraction
Drawing each other closer
For immense satisfaction.


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Earth is my home

My home is a beautiful planet called Earth

from the warmth of nature

to the cold brisk of the morning frost,

home is a lifetime of memories

that Earth provides me without a cost.

Home is the grass swaying in the meadows

and the gravity grounding me to every moment

with an open garden to explore,

my home is a sacred treasure

and the secrets are embedded in my core.

Home is my family of millions of species

from the slithering snakes

to the buzzing bees,

home is a miracle I call life

which whispers to me through the oceans & trees.

A house is a place I treat with utter care

from the décor and the cleaning

with walls and structures, I protect

All provided to me by the very Earth

I water with my gratitude & respect.

My home isn’t a place or a person

it’s a miracle called Earth

a blessing that provides all my needs

with soil filled with unconditional love

it’s a home planted into every seed.


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Depression became my teacher.

Depression taught me that I didn’t actually want to die. I love this World, all the trees, flowers and animals. I wanted to escape the system and the situation I was trapped in. The only way I could was changing my mind frame and the way I see this World. Now I live for all the animals, trees, oceans, skies, because this world is more beautiful and important than anything and it needs people to care. We just need to learn to connect to something that is real and natural. Our relationship with this World, nature and the universe is real. The interconnectedness of life is always there and regardless how alone we may feel at times, we are never truly alone. The illusion and conditioning we live in is false and that’s what your mind is escaping from. Our minds, body, emotions and spirit know the raw nature of ourselves and it’s trying to teach us the unconditional. If you are in a state of depression, please don’t let it defeat you. Listen to yourself and ask yourself what do you need? What situation are you actually escaping from? Appreciate what you do have, rather than what you don’t have. Simplify life and your basic requirements for living. This world needs you. Find that positivity in yourself and if you need help remember you are never truly alone. Every one of us is connected by an invisible force driving us to become the best version of ourselves. Sometimes it just takes a deep breath and courage to take a step forward and eventually you’ll learn how to run again. Connect to something real. This world won’t give up on us so please don’t give up on yourself. You’ve got this.


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What is shadow work?

What is the shadow?

When we look up at the night sky, we see both the space and energy of the sun, stars, planets, matter, etc., all working together in perfect harmony and balance. There is no separation. The separation we feel from the world and the universe is because of our shadow. Shadow work helps you awaken. It’s about going through the un-awakened part of yourself which contains, ego, separation, unhealed trauma, illusion, delusions and conditioning. It’s where your unawareness sits. The more you clear it the more self aware you become. The more self aware you become the more aware you are of everything around you. It aids you in becoming one with all. The shadow works as a wall that prevents our energy from moving freely and aligning to our authentic path. 

What is shadow work?

Shadow work teaches us to accept, acknowledge, and leave behind in our lives what no longer serves us, such as: separation, evil, negativity, hate, anger, violence, drama, ego, fear, illusion the past and the conditioning of the system. It no longer serves us as we are evolving beyond duality and this 3d reality. We are now in an age where we are embracing true oneness. Shadow work requires discipline and you set the pace and path. No two journeys are the same, so don’t worry if someone is doing it differently. All rivers lead to the ocean. Trust yourself and your gut. Your being will not throw you into the deep end. It will take you through healing on the level you are able to understand. There is no one else in your shadow except yourself. It’s filled with your perspective on life. When we look at everything around us, we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

The process of shadow work is called “self-reflection.” We dig into the parts of ourselves that are unhealed, such as, traumas, reactions, relationships, and how our behaviour affects ourselves and others in our everyday lives.

Why do we do shadow work?

We heal these aspects of our being because they no longer serve or align with our higher state of being, the person we’re becoming, or the selfless person we want to be. To simplify it further, we are evolving. To heal, we must face why they were inside us to begin with. You’ll go through many emotions, but you’ll feel lighter and lighter the more you leave your remove the layers from your ego. To access the light inside us we must remove the barriers. Although it may not feel like it at times, shadow work is an extremely rewarding process. Shadow work is a process we do individually. However, you are not alone. There are many people on this planet going through the same process. The universal life force energy is within you and around you. We all arrive at the same place, Oneness. The more we evolve the more we evolve into higher vibrations and frequencies. We leave this 3D world behind and move in 5D (new earth).

The methods:

Meditation is probably the best. Or, for a beginner, mirror work. Look through a mirror. First ask yourself what the person in the mirror needs. A hug, a friendly smile, love, cheering up? What you need generally shows the areas that need improvement. Then have a look at your negative reactions and presence in life. Are you short-tempered? Do you have jealously in you? Are you selfish? Why are you easily angered, etc.? What are the triggers? And keep digging deeper with the questions until you get to the root of the cause and find closure. That’s how we heal. We bring all the negative and unhealed parts of ourselves to the surface and process them through emotions. For those that like writing a journal may be beneficial in documenting your experience.

There may be past experiences in life, such as abuse, violence, childhood trauma, and relationships, which will be a similar process. What if another person, such as a parent or an ex-lover, was involved? The answer is easy. Do not read into their negativity. You are not responsible for another’s actions. Their negativity is no longer your negativity. Their actions are not your burden to carry. Just focus on the closure and healing you need to leave the experience behind. It is hard to forgive the person. However, forgiveness is the greatest way to heal from another’s actions. If we continue blaming, hating, and reliving the experience, then those emotions will always be present in us therefore, we are only punishing ourselves by holding on. Forgiving someone is forgiving the unhealed parts of that person. If they ever enter into shadow work, they too will need to relive their actions. That itself deserves forgiveness for them and yourself to move forward. 

After you’ve faced a negative part of yourself, Go for a positive, such as happiness, and find the things that make you happy. It helps to keep us balanced throughout the process. It also teaches us the importance of balance, self-love, and self-care. We don’t leave positive emotions behind. We wouldn’t want anyone to take our happiness away. So why would we take it away from ourselves? We all love positivity, such as happiness, love, peace, kindness, etc. It helps us see through new eyes. We just remove the negativity that blocks our positive perceptions of ourselves and the world. When we enter a negative part of ourselves, we tend to look back through our lives. It’s important to not become fixated on the past. The positive helps us see forward in life, as it’s more about the present moment. When we are doing light work, we tend to ask questions differently, and you can try this yourself. We don’t usually ask ourselves when in our lives we have been happy. For some reason, there are moments that we remember, but it’s harder to think of a positive past time than a negative one. When asking positive questions, we tend to ask questions such as: “What makes us happy?” That’s because positivity helps us move forward as it connects us to the present moment.

The more negatives you leave behind, the more you ascend beyond duality. The world will look less fearful and more beautiful. By changing our perspective, we can change the world. By healing ourselves we heal everything around us. It’s easy to become drawn into shadow work and aligning with our higher self. However, living every day to the fullest is equally important. Our mental, physical, spiritual (energy) and emotional states play a vital role in balancing us in our lives. Good luck on healing.


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Inhale me

Feel the curves

Of my existence,

Exhale my name

In anticipation,

Taste me

Without any resistance,

Use your tongue

To talk to my flesh,

Conquer me

With your seduction,

Break me down

Into a molecule

absorb all of me,

Be the poetry

To my blank page.


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The human body is a miracle

With healing magic within,

The chakras are just as important

As our eyes and skin.

It starts with discovery

Of deep meditations,

We learn more about ourselves

And the human foundations.

We should have been taught

From early childhood,

Of the power of connection

To generate a world of good.

Consciousness is awakening

The more we are understanding,

Ancient knowledge is inside us

A grand scale of evolution is returning.

The light is switched on

Unconditional love is spreading,

More contagious than a virus

A new era is forming.

We shape our reality

Through the dimensions,

Earth is our home

And healing is our intention.

The universe is ingeniously designed

We’re embedded in the architecture,

We’ve been given the tools

It’s time for us to paint the picture.

Nothing is separate

Everything is connected,

Our lives are the blueprint

Of a universe perfected.


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Don’t worry my child

Everything heals within time,

It may take patience

And a little rhyme.

From a shattered heart

To a lost mind,

Nothing is ever permanent

We can leave it behind.

Sometimes it takes courage

To move along,

Dance the rhythm of life

Through the magic of song.

You are the light

At the end of your tunnel,

It can be sparked with a smile

Or even a cuddle.

Hold on for today

Tomorrow will be better,

You can take on any storm

And change the weather.

You are brave

And beautifully designed

Praise how far you’ve come

Take a breath and unwind.


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Sound and vibrations
The force of resonance waves,
Connect our past, present & future
In this spectacular age.
When an event is profound
It can shock us to our core,
The waves are felt through timelines
And open up conscious doors.
The event may not have happened
It’s connected to our intuition
We feel something in our senses
Part of our extrasensory cognition.
The natural connection of humans
Is to the universe & planet,
Strip away anything systematic
Connect to Earth’s enchantment.
At some point in our lives
We all felt that we were born for more,
The secrets were never hidden
They are embedded in your core.
Everything is evolving
We’re all becoming more aware,
Journeying onto our authentic paths
Welcome to the age of repair.


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I’m filled with balance
And unconditional love,
With gratitude for Earth
And the sky up above.
The night sky lights
My mind with wonders,
As the stars radiate
The universes colours.
I appreciate all I have
I’ll never need more,
My body is healthy
My mind is an open door.
The key to happiness
Is the way we think,
Positive thoughts help us rise
Negative thoughts help us sink.
Self-love is a powerful tool
It connects us to how we feel,
Take time out for yourself
Use your energy to heal.
There is an unconditional love
Earth gives us everyday,
Be thankful for nature
Allow love to light the way.


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Colour is linked to my emotions
It is my second heartbeat,
The ink feels like passion
The shades taste bittersweet.
Merging with my eyes
Connecting to my veins,
The pigments ignite my blood
The spectrums numb the pain.
Colour speaks my language
Through a palette deep inside,
Mixing saturations of glitter
Exploding when paints collide.
The rainbow that is me
Is captured by the light,
With a kaleidoscope of colour
I am more than black and white.
Iridescence is the abyss of my soul
Mixed with the hues of time,
Highlighting the dark corners
In a chroma of endless rhymes.


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Stag doodle


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The labyrinth

I close my eyes & I begin to dream
Only to be awoken by echoing screams,
A maze of paths & endless patterns
“Holy fuck” how did this happen?

I drift around there’s no way out
Barely can see, I panic & shout
Menacing roars from far ahead
It knows I’m here & it needs to be fed.

I run around it’s a lot to apprehend
Paths lead to nowhere except dead ends,
The pattern is complex, I’m not going to lie
I’m scared I’m lost & I don’t want to die.

Instincts surge and logic appears
I’ll find the centre, everything is clear
I’ll obtain a key to open this door
With the courage to slay a Minotaur.

Starting to wish I listened to my teacher
How did Theseus kill this creature?
No time to think, the roars get closer
I stumble & fall, “shit”
Into the Minotaurs enclosure.

I can feel it with me, I’m fully aware
It’s sizing me up, I feel its stare
Creeping out of the dark into my space
I nearly collapsed it has the same face.

Everything is clear the maze is my head
The fear I carry keeps this monster fed,
I’m to face myself if I want to be free
I’m the only one that’s holding the key.


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Intellectual orgasm

Make love to my mind
Go down on my thoughts,
Fill my imagination
With electric shots.
Fall into my dreams
Tease my perception,
Infect me with words
With a lethal injection.
Present me with lessons
Feed every greedy hole,
Tempt my curious mind
Taste my hungry soul.
Spread your fire
Cover me in passion
Bring more than physical
To an intellectual orgasm.


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Beyond twlight

I’m a rouge star dancing
In the specks of dust,
Weaving a vortex
Of cosmic lust.
Spectrums of color
Shape into vibrant streams,
Molding particles of glitter
Into artistic dreams.
A nectar of magic merges
With my ember of hope,
Forming a single moment
Through a kaleidoscope.
Golden rivers dissolve
Into angelic wings,
Showering the planets
In a blanket of rings.
The Universe beams
Radiating lights,
As shades of wonder
Expose the night.
Rainbows of hope fuse
With the stratosphere,
leaving their mark
As my star engineer.
The echoes wave
Into the twilight hours,
As the Sun whispers
Goodnight my flowers.


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I’m starting to fade
Into the light,
Orbs of me drift
Into the night.
I find myself
Amongst the stars,
Shooting brightly
But not that far.
I’m in your sight
Not in your reach,
Spreading magic
In what I teach.
I’m floating high
In addictive lust,
Scattering myself
Into stardust.


via Stardust

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The Labyrinth (5D)

I close my eyes & lucid dream
Only to ascend into golden streams,
A maze of paths & endless patterns
So many spirals, how did this happen?

I drift around in all this awe
With hidden knowledge, I can’t ignore
Removing the blocks, lifting the veil
Holy fuck ‘we are the Holy grail’

This nothingness is a lot to apprehend
My mind explodes as I transcend,
Euphoria grabs hold & I’m not going to lie
I’m in sync with all, I can almost fly.

Frequency surges and codes appears
Spreading the light, everything is clear
We’ll share our love to open this door
And face a beauty like never before.

Never wished to become a teacher
With ‘love & balance’ to every creature
Open your mind & escape this World
Lose the ego, and then rebuild.

At one with all, I’m fully aware
Consciousness has stripped me bare,
I lost my mind somewhere in Space
The Universe exposed my truest face.

With a system drilled into our heads
Designed to keep the mind fed,
We’re to break away and finally be free
It’s time to awaken, you are the key.


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Soul engineer

Fix your body
Against my heart,
Let your hands wander
Writing passion
With thoughts of art.
Design my dreams
Caress my flaws,
Let my body sync
In time with yours.
Leave your love
Pressed on my lips,
Thrust your desire
Through my hips.
Breathe in my hope
Structure my fears,
Leave your mark
As my soul engineer.

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Perfect imperfection

I’m not perfect
Just perfectly flawed,
With broken edges
That are curved & broad.
I’ve been ripped apart
Only to be stitched,
Sewn with resilience
And a little added bitch.
I’m a cocktail of disaster
A messed up recipe,
With a teaspoon of spice
And a dash of profanity.
I’m a hurricane
So beautiful to view,
Just not a storm
To get sucked into.
With a life forged
Full of transformation
I became perfect
A perfect imperfection


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Colours can bleed
Colours can cry,
They fade away
But they never die.
There’s dark & light
Purple or golden,
Associated with life
& different emotion.
Choose a colour
To match your soul,
Would it be vibrant
Or as black as coal?
Mix the colours
That others will see,
Show them the spectrum
Of what you can be.


via Spectrum

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