In the silence of the night, I hear

The frequencies that surround me

A symphony that plays in the strings of time

Creating the dance of reality.

As I walk this Earth,

I am stilled by the scent of rain

A moment that is captured in my memories

As the aroma brings peace to my soul, once again.

As I gaze upon the vastness of space

The stars amplify my magical mind.

The universe fills me with cosmic wonder

Its secrets and mysteries are what I long to find.

Earth grounds me and stops me from floating away.

With the lush green grass beneath my feet,

Stimulating my senses with its textures.

A feeling so refreshing and bittersweet.

Life gifts us with an abundance of fruits.

The tastes of sweet and sour salvation

Igniting the tastebuds with watery sensual pleasures

It’s the nourishment and hydration of creation.

The sixth sense which is our intuition

Guides us through the darkest of nights

It speaks of things that cannot be seen

And illuminates our light.

We experience life through our senses.

We see, hear, feel, taste, and smell

Connecting us to the earth and the stars

As our senses communicate with every cell.



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6 Responses to Sensational

  1. Simon says:

    We sense so much and yet… so little too

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  2. Beautifully said! πŸ™

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