Mind fuck

I’ll play the lead
In your dirty book,
Feel the sensation
Off this mind fuck.
You can see me here
In-between the lines,
I’m behind the cover
On page sixty-nine.
Read each verse
To feel me within,
This isn’t a love story
It’s a book of sin.
I will tease you
On every cliff-hanger,
Strip me bare
In every chapter.
You’ll lick your lips
When you read,
Because ‘I want’
Becomes ‘I need’


About TheDarkestFairytale

Hello Thank you for reading. If you would like to contact me please email thedarkest-fairytale@hotmail.com
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45 Responses to Mind fuck

  1. Simon says:

    Damn… Thats more than a mind fuck. That’s pretty hot! 🔥

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  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    Sweet as

    Liked by 1 person

  3. @vapor_sage says:

    delightful, not enough to know for sure, just enough to feel it deeply

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  4. wonkywizard says:

    A fucking good read
    strip to her last need
    She dares to bear
    We tear and share

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Kris says:

    Another incredible dip into heated waters. 💕

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  6. emotionsoflife2016 says:

    Really, really like this

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  7. Writings By Payal Tyagi says:

    A darkest fairytale I guess, what you said in your name.Deep thoughts

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  8. nkdwhtguy says:

    This was really enjoyable to read!

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  9. Rebecca says:

    Hot hot poetry! I like hot poetry and you do it so well!!

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  10. Coyote from Orion says:

    Getting darker down here. Fairy tales have to be dark. Watching one about a werewolf right now

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  11. devereaux frazier says:

    Reblogged this on Creative Writing Reblogged.

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  12. As always a brilliant honest poetic mind you have. 🙂

    Mindfuck reminded me of this….you’ll laugh hard. Just watch this.

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  13. That is hot – your words turned me on! 🔥


  14. Literatury sex. You managed to capture the temptation in words and imagination. I love this one. Great job

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  15. mihrank says:

    wow – this is deeply powerful:)

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  16. Venusian Cenobite says:

    Fu*k yes i like this one

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